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founded in 1996, jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, and the member unit of conference international des grands reseaux electriques (cigre), institute of electrical and electronics engineers (ieee) and chinese society of electrical engineering (csee), which has key laboratories of national energy power composite and national postdoctoral working stations. our company has successively participated in the formulation of 11 corporate standards of state grid corporation ofchina, 4 industry standards, 5 national standards and 1 ieee standard. our company has successively undertaken 21 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological r&d projects, and participated in 18 scientific and technological r&d projects of state grid corporation of china and china southern power grid. our company has 244 patents, including 81 invention patents and 28 international patents. in 2012 and 2017, the chairman ma bin of our company won the national science and technology progress award as the main person completing the project.

in 1996, shemar developed the rubber seal that filled in the blank in the international market around the oil leakage and spill problems of the electric power equipment through the technological innovation, to completely solve the industrial difficulty in oil leakage and spill problem. our company drafted the industry standard for seals, and its products accounts for over 60% in the domestic market.

in 1999, shemar developed substation composite insulators filling the filled in the blank in the international market, thus to effectively solve the explosion, pollution flashover and fracture problems of the traditional porcelain insulators, and the products are maintenance-free in life cycle. since 1999, substation composite insulators of shemar have led the revolution on the external insulation of global substations, and the proportion of substation composite insulators in the global market has exceeded over 35% in 2018 from less than 1%.

in 2008, shemar developed leading line composite insulators, which satisfy the life cycle in the worst conditions. the products are first applied in ehv ac/dc strain tower, to greatly contribute to the improvement of reliability and economy of overhead lines.

in 2010, shemar developed the first international composite cross-arm tower, which has greatly reduced line corridors, decreased the ehv, reduced the land and reduced the tower base. in addition, it has effectively prevented accidents of windage yaw tripping, bird trouble, rain flashover and ice flashover, and promoted the lightning protection level and anti-pollution flashover capability, thus able to create immense value for global grid users, which is rapidly applied worldwide at present.

in 2014, shemar developed the international innovative solution for anti-flashover, able to effectively solve pollution flashover, rain flashover and ice flashover problems of porcelain external insulation, and meet the use requirement in life cycle for a long time through a measure. it can largely reduce the governance cost of anti-flashover of the power grid, which has rapidly created value for the power grid worldwide at present.

in 2015, shemar developed oil-impregnated paper capacitor composite bushing with the proprietary technology, providing more reliable and economical power components for electrical equipment.

in 2016, shemar developed the international innovative composite cross-arm of distribution lines, largely promoting the lightning protection level, which can effectively prevent the lightning trip-out accident of distribution lines, and greatly promote the reliability of distribution lines.

looking back on the development course for the past two decades, shemar has profoundly realized that the self-development will be got only by creating value for the related parties. in the future, shemar will adhere to the corporate values of “the value creation is the most critical”, and focus on existing problems and sustainable development of power industry, to provide solutions through technological innovation and promote the progress of the industry.

in the future, shemar will continue to adhere to the corporate values of “the value creation is the most critical”, and make the five-year strategic plan.

1. depending on key laboratories of national energy power composite and national postdoctoral working stations, shemar will continuously optimize the existing products, and continue to development new products around pain points of the industry, to create value for customers and the industry, and promote the progress of the industry;

2. shemar will continuously input management innovation, and continue to comprehensively cooperate with international famous management consulting such as ibm, ddi, mercer and pwc, to promote the management level of our company. under the perfect and efficient management system, shemar will strive to rank the first in cost performance of the products, thus to create the maximum value for users;

3. shemar will implement the advanced manufacturing, and comprehensively cooperate with siemens automation research institute, to build the smart production line according to industry 4.0 standard, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production costs, and better guarantee the quality control of product manufacturing process, thus to create greater value for customers and the industry. at present, shemar has newly expropriated 1000mu of land in sutong science and technology park, which is used for the building of smart plant, to comprehensively improve the manufacturing level. the first-stage project is expected to go into operation at the end of 2019, which forms the production capacity of 240,000 substation composite insulators.

on the 5th of august, 2019, jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. was officially listed on the main board of the shanghai stock exchange with its stock abbreviation of shemar power (stock code:603530).

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