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vision: to become the most innovative integrated service provider of new-material power equipment

our company’s products that have been industrialized, being industrialized and being planned promote reliability and economy of power equipment and power system depending on the innovation of materials, process and structure. the past creations have created and will continue to create great value for global industry.





mission: to focus on existing problems and sustainable development of power industry, to provide solutions through technological innovation and promote the progress of the industry

we pay attention to reliability and economy of equipment and system in the industry, and solve problems through innovations, to continue our activities creating value with combination of our own technological foundation and advantages, and always promote the progress of the industry.





values: the value creation is the most critical

create value for employees, and become belonging for employees

create value for suppliers, and become win-win partner of suppliers

create value for customers, and become development support for customers

create value for industry, and become the engine for progress of industry

create value for society, and become the company identified by society


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