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our company has always carried out technological innovation, and developed competitive products around existing problems and sustainable development of the industry based on the market demand. at the same time, we use the existing manufacturing system and quality control system, and make full use of economies of scale, to rapidly realize the industrialization of products that have been developed and verified by the experiment, and strive to rank the first in cost performance of the product line in global industry, thus to create greater value for the industry.

depending on outstanding comprehensive competitive advantages of the products, our company will realize sales volume of 3 billion yuan in 2020, and the great goal of breakthrough of 10 billion yuan in sales volume in 2025. in order to ensure the realization of the goal, our company will carry out continuous innovation in r&d, management and team building.


product r&d

our company has continuously strengthened self-r&d strength for years, and established the system r&d management mechanism from analysis of market demand to management of projects and pipelines based on the customer demand through the building of integrated product development (ipd) system. based on this, our company has further integrated r&d platform and r&d resources, integrated and separated r&d platforms such as key laboratories of national energy power composite, jiangsu electric power composite materials and equipment r&d institute, and national postdoctoral working stations. in 2017, our company will invest 117 million yuan in the construction of key laboratories.



sustainable innovation of management

our company is always on the cutting edge of the industry. global business services ibm rearranges and deigns of company’s strategy, process and organizational structure. our company cooperates with siemens, to realize automated, information and mathematical smart manufacturing. considering capital operation and global tax, our company carries out design of global capital structure and compliance audit of corporate finance depending on pwc. in terms of hr, global famous hr management companies such as mercer and ddi assist our company with the design of hr system and long-term incentive system for personnel.


building of talent team

our company has formed a team of high quality that highly identifying and consciously practicing the corporate culture through the building of the talent team, to consciously create value for customers.

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