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composite cross-arm tower
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composite cross-arm tower

the composite cross-arm is used in composite cross-arm tower of shemar to replace for the traditional steel iron cross-arm, and the end is connected with the conductor directly with lined fitting, with traditional suspension insulators cancelled. the material of the composite cross-arm is frp, on the surface of which is injected with the silicone rubber shed. in the design of cross-arm structure, single-post type, single-post stayed type, and double-post stayed type are respectively designed according to different voltage class and different operation conditions. shemar has developed ac 35kv~1000kv and dc ±800kv composite cross-arm tower, and completed all the electrical tests and full-scale tower tests. at present, power grids in 18 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and shemar electric jointly promote the application of the composite cross-arm tower, and the voltage class covers ac 110~1000kv. power grid users have fully recognized technology and economic benefits of the composite cross-arm tower, which is creating greater value for them.

  • product value
  • development trend

1.improve security and reliability of transmission lines

using the insulation performance of composite materials, suspension insulators are cancelled for the new maintenance-free composite cross-arm tower of shemar, in which the conductor is hung at the end of cross-arm by wire clamp, to avoid the risk of galloping flashover accident caused by the wind shift, and improve the security and reliability of lines. the composite cross-arm horizontally allocated has good anti-dirt retention and anti-icing performance. at the same time, with full use of excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity transfer of composite materials of shemar, it has greatly improved the anti-pollution flashover, anti-rain flashover, and anti-ice flashover voltage of the product.


2.reduce comprehensive cost in life cycle

using the electrical insulation performance of composite cross-arm, suspension insulators are cancelled for the new maintenance-free composite cross-arm tower of shemar, without consideration of the space for wind shift of suspension insulators, which can greatly reduce the width of transmission channel corridor, reduce height of tower body, narrow the tower body, and reduce the area of tower base, thus to make total cost less than the traditional iron tower. at the same time, is has greatly saved land expropriation cost of tower base and demolition cost of line corridor. the maintenance-free feature of the composite cross-arm of shemar in life cycle has greatly reduced operation and maintenance cost, with significant economic benefits.


  1. 1.development trend in china

  2. after years of development, users ofchinapower grid have fully recognized and accepted the immense value of the composite cross-arm tower, state grid corporation ofchinaand china southern power grid have jointly promoted the application process of the composite cross-arm tower. in directory of new technology with key promotion in state grid corporation of china (2014 edition), the promotion of application technology of composite materials in the power transmission tower is clearly pointed out, and procedures for installation, operation and maintenance of cross-arm of composite materials for distribution network are formulated during 2014-2016 in the demonstration application program, with at least 1 million; during 2017-2019, the cross-arm of composite materials in distribution network should be at least 5 million.

  3. as of 2016, power grids in 18 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) have cooperated with shemar, to jointly promote the application work of the composite cross-arm, and collaborated with state grid corporation ofchinaand china southern power grid to jointly carry out formulation of standard and multiple pilot projects. at present, the composite cross-arm tower of shemar has successfully passed the full voltage class 35kv~1000kv full-scale tower test and various mechanical and electrical tests. it is believed that it can better meet the engineering demand in the future, to solve existing problems in transmission lines.


2.international development trend

the composite cross-arm is widely used in countries such as north america and europe, and more and more power grid corporations and design companies have participated in the r&d. with a long history of using composite insulators, europe and theunited stateshave fully recognized the value of composite materials. euro-american countries pay attention to the ability of the composite cross-arm tower to improve security and stability of transmission lines and solve problems in transmission lines, such as icing, lightning, pollution flashover, and windage yaw.indiahas paid attention to two aspects of the composite cross-arm tower. first, with increasingly serious environmental pollution inindia, composite materials used in the composite cross-arm tower have excellent anti-pollution flashover performance. second,indiais in shortage of construction capital of power grid, comprehensive cost of composite cross-arm tower and cost in life cycle are lower.

so far, over 50 foreign power companies, design units and epc general contracting units are highly interested in the composite cross-arm tower technology of shemar, and many power grid corporations have included the cooperation with shemar into their work plans.


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