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substation composite insulators
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substation composite insulators

the company successfully developed all series htv hollow composite insulators in 1999, and the performance can meet the requirement of 30 years of service life requirement (composite insulators for global lines have been proved by extensive practices) with more competitive cost than other silicone rubber. this measure of the company has filled in the blank in the international market, and opened up a new era of composite insulators replacing for traditional porcelain insulators comprehensively in the world. at present, substation insulator products mainly include hollow composite insulators and post composite insulation, as well as extended product of hollow composite insulators-gas-insulated composite bushing. the company’s substation composite insulators have completed all the related tests including electrical test, material test and type test, and domestic ac/dc key projects have successively used substation composite insulators of shemar, achieving a large number of engineering application results, which has been fully recognized by power grid clients and equipment manufacturers in economy and technology.

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1.absolutely avoid the hidden danger of security of traditional porcelain insulators

the main materials of composite insulators of shemar are silicone rubber and fiber reinforced plastics (frp), which are non-brittle material. during process of transportation, installation and operation, they are not prone to scratch, explosion, and brittle fracture. at the same time, its tensile strength is several times that the high-tension porcelain. the explosion will not happen even if under the extreme condition of internal overpressure, which relieves the pressure only through cut or crack, to absolutely avoid explosion and brittle fracture of traditional porcelain insulators. the power station composite insulators have excellent hydrophobicity and migration characteristic of hydrophobicity, with excellent pollution flashover capability, which can absolutely avoid the flashover of traditional porcelain insulators. the composite insulators can realize bending properties 9 times that the porcelain insulators through reliable design, which have greatly improved the seismic capacity of insulators.


2.reduce comprehensive cost in life cycle, and meet the environmentally friendly requirements

cleaning and spraying of anti-pollution flashover coating are not needed for the substation composite insulators of shemar in life cycle, which have effectively avoided the losses from accidents brought by malignant accidents, and the economic advantage in life cycle is obvious. during manufacture and use process of the substation composite insulators of shemar, the carbon emission is far leas than porcelain insulators; in addition, main materials silicone rubber glass fiber of insulators are from metallic silicon ore and quartz ore with the largest reserves in china, and these materials can be recycled after use. in transportation and installation link, the composite insulators are more competitive, which are not easy to crack, and the installation efficiency is greatly improved.

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  1. 1.development trend in china

  2. after years of development, users of chinapower grid have fully recognized and accepted the immense value of substation composite insulators of shemar, state grid corporation of chinaand china southern power grid have jointly promoted the application process of composite insulators. begun with 750kv shazhou all-composite substation, the whole country has stirred a fever in construction of all-composite substation: 750kv south xi’an substation, 500kv batang substation, 500kv changdu substation, 500kv south taiyuan substation, 330kvsamsung city substation, 220kv lushan substation, 220kv yulong substation, 220kv bangda substation, 220kv science city substation, 110kv seda substation, and 110kv shaqu substation, the composition of insulators will certainly become a trend.


2.international development trend

during 30 years since the birth in the 1980s, substation composite insulators have been widely used in the world. with a long history of using composite insulators, europe and the united states have fully recognized the value of composite materials, to solve explosion, brittle fracture and pollution flashover of traditional porcelain insulators.india has paid attention to two aspects of composite insulators. first, with increasingly serious environmental pollution in india, composite materials used in composite insulators have excellent anti-pollution flashover performance. second,india is in shortage of construction capital of power grid, comprehensive cost of composite insulators tower is lower. in recent years, the proportion of global substation composite insulators is higher and higher. in 2019, the proportion of global substation composite insulators was approx. 35%.

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