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integral seal solution-equipment users
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integral seal solution-equipment users

since founding in 1996, the company has developed polyacrylate rubber seals with the lifetime same as the equipment through the independent innovation, which have filled in the blank in the domestic market. the company has become one of main drafting units of industry standard, which has solved the large difficulty troubling the industry for many years, and saved approx hundreds of millions of maintenance costs and costs of accident loss treatment for the country every year. after that, the company has successively developed eight types of rubber covering all transmission and distribution equipment such as fluoro rubber, fluoro silicone rubber, and hydrogenated nitrile rubber suitable for the power industry, and the market share of transmission and distribution equipment reaches approx 60%. with in-depth analysis by big data, the company took the lead in promoting overall seal solution in the industry in 2018, which is equipped with tightness in from all directions in design of sealing structure, selection of sealing materials and sealing assembly, thus to realize no leakage of the equipment.

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1.accurate diagnosis of sealing status

aiming at different sealing status of user equipment, design and optimization of sealing structure are carried out under the premise that user cost is not increased, to guarantee reasonable and effective sealing structure, to lay a solid foundation for no leakage of the equipment in life cycle.

2.perfect selection system for materials of seals

according to operation conditions of the equipment, insulation medium and elements of environmental conditions, shemar has established a set and developed hundreds of rubber formulas, to meet the requirements of sealing materials under various conditions.

3.excellent performance of seals

seals play core roles in solution for overall sealing. a good seal should have four excellent performances: excellent aging-resistant performance, physical properties and good compatibility with insulation medium, and adaption to requirements of various ultimate temperatures.

4.mature installation process for seals

the company has provided correct installation guidance for seals for all users, to provide strong support for realize of no leakage of the equipment.

5.low cost in life cycle

the solution for overall sealing of shemar can absolutely avoid oil leakage and spill accident of user equipment and cost waste in production process, to save technology r&d cost and quality control cost in sealing link for users, to really realize no leakage of the equipment in life cycle at the lowest cost.

at present, the end users at domestic and abroad have profoundly recognized the seriousness of leakage and spill, and made effort to create healthy sealing environment in the whole industry chain of electrical power unit. the enterprises of seals will gradually develop from satisfaction to basic performance expansion of product to supply of solution for the system (diagnosis of sealing problem, optimization of sealing structure, training on sealing knowledge, and exchanges on sealing technology, etc.). the enterprises of seals that can realize rapid transformation in the future can guide and rapidly improve the industry level, and the company will continue to play a role of the industry leader in this process.

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