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the flashover accident of porcelain insulators is one of serious threats to safe operation of power grid. traditional washing, cleaning and spraying of anti-pollution flashover coating and solution for equipping auxiliary shed cannot absolutely solve flashover of porcelain insulators. through the design of innovative structure, the company has used the international initiative coated shed, upper and lower surfaces of porcelain insulators shed are coated, which is reliably bonded. the creepage distance of porcelain insulators is effectively added in actual operation, and part shed has good hydrophobicity and migration characteristic of hydrophobicity. depending on coated auxiliary shed, the company has provided the industry with the solution for anti-flashover, including technical scheme design, product realization, site construction, and after-sales service, which is completely feasible after verified by test and practical project, thus to play a great role in absolutely solving the flashover.


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1.excellent material properties

the body material of coated auxiliary shed (hereinafter referred to as “shed”) of shemar is high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, and its performance meets the national standard (dl/t376). the binder used by the shed binder is room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, and its performance meets the enterprise standard of state power gird q/gdw 673-2011.


2.stable structural strength

the shed has reasonable design structure, full coating, equal spacing covers the outer surface of large insulator umbrella, fitting with the structural surface of original part, which has no deformation or down edge after installation.


3.excellent anti-pollution flashover performance

the silicone rubber material contains low molecular organic silicone. it will move to air end because it has air prone performance and hydrophobicity, thus to adhere to the dirt layer on the surface of silicone rubber, making the polluted silicone rubber surface show the hydrophobicity, namely, hydrophobicity and migration characteristic. the material extends the discharge channel and improves the pollution flashover voltage: the artificial pollution test results show the voltage of pollution flashover after 110kvporcelain insulators of grade-iii specific creepage distance are equipped with 6 sheds has increased by 55%.


4.excellent anti-rain flashover performance

the wet power frequency flashover test results show that dry arc distance of 110kv porcelain post insulators does not change, but the flashover voltage has increased by over 20% because the physical isolation effect due to equipment of the shed.


5.excellent anti-ice flashover performance

the icing test results show that the flashover voltage of 100kv post insulators equipped with shed has increased by over 100%.


6.excellent physical properties

the cycling test at high and low temperature is carried out for samples equipped with shed. the results show shed and the joint are not broken after examining the appearance of the shed for 7×24h of cooling-heating cycling test, and the adhesive surface has good physical properties.


7.excellent electrical properties

the steep slope test and steep slope test one by one are carried out for samples equipped with shed. the results show after the steep slope test for samples, the discharge traces completely appear on the surface of the shed, and the interface has no breakdown phenomenon. after the test, the shed is dissected, and the dissected surface is normal. the adhesive surface has good electrical properties.


8.low cost in life cycle

compared with rtv/prtv coating, the coated auxiliary shed of shemar can ensure at least 30 years of service life, thus under the situation that the one-time cost is almost flat with rtv/prtv coating, over 60% of costs can be saved in life cycle, which has greatly reduced anti-flashover.

at present, the coated auxiliary shed has been applied in anti-rain flashover and anti-ice flashover, which is highly recognized by customers. in addition, it has be incorporated into enterprise standard for anti-pollution flashover of state power grid in 2018. next, as the short board of traditional anti-pollution flashover means (rtv/prtv coating and manual cleaning, etc.) is increasingly obvious, and the argument on coated auxiliary shed used in anti-pollution flashover is increasingly full, the curtain of coated auxiliary shed comprehensively replacing for rtv/prtv coating is rapidly open.

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