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oip composite bushing

the transformer composite bushing of shemar has realize excellent performance through design of product structure and innovation of materials and process, especially in design of big and small covers of hollow composite insulators, frp tube integrated design, full-end screen structure design of capacitor core, and optimal design of end screen terminal structure, which can effectively solve pollution flashover, umbrella, ice flashover, oil leakage and spill problems, to effectively ensure the long-term reliability of internal insulation of the product, and ensure the large economic advantage of the product in life cycle. at present, the voltage class of transformer composite bushing of shemar covers 72.5kv-252kv. in the next five years, the company will plan and develop the bushing covering all ac voltage classes. the company’s vision is to become the leader in global transformer bushing industry.

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1.reliably solve pollution flashover, rain flashover, and ice flashover of bushings

with mature composite hollow insulators of shemar, the pollution flashover is avoided. the rainproof and ice-proof shed is added to the original design of ordinary structure of big and small umbrellas, to form the effective “physical isolation”, which has effectively solved rain flashover and ice flashover of the bushing.


2.ensure no leakage and spill of bushings in life cycle

with mature cementing process and solution for overall sealing, the oil-impregnated paper capacitor bushing of shemar has realized overall structure of the bushing, thus to ensure reliable long-term operation of the bushing without leakage and spill.

3.ensure long-term reliability of internal insulation of bushings

the capacitor core has improved the allowable field strength combining design of end screen structure with winding technology of wide cable insulating paper. through simulation calculation of overall electric field, the designed field strength should be less than allowable field strength.


4.ensure the lowest cost of bushing in life cycle

with hollow composite insulators of shemar, spaying of rtv/prtv is not needed in life cycle, the maintenance cost is low, and the economy in life cycle is excellent.

at present, high-voltage transformer bushing mainly includes oil-impregnated paper capacitor bushing and dry capacitor bushing. the bushing immersed by insulation liquid (usually the transformer oil) after treatment by the core winded with paper rolls for the main insulation of oil-impregnated paper capacitor bushing is a transformer bushing with the maximum number in transformer industry. the external insulation mainly focuses on the porcelain, and composite hollow insulators are seldom used. the necessary trend for the development is full composition of the substation in the future. the solid insulation is mainly used for the main internal insulation of dry capacitor bushing, and capacitor core is formed by winding of paper rolls (containing capacitive screen) and with solidifiable resin (impregnated paper rip) or glass fiber winding (containing capacitive screen) and with solidifiable resin (containing capacitive screen). the hollow composite insulators are mainly used for the external insulation, or the composite shed is vacuum injected on the surface of the capacitor core, occupying certain market shares. building all series, diversified and high cost performance of the product can give customers more choices and guarantees.

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