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seal maintenance scheme-end users
seal maintenance scheme-end users

at present, the equipment may suffer unexpected oil leakage and spill because of sealing of operating equipment. when handling oil leakage and spill problem, several typical problems exist as follows: 1. end users do know specifications of the sealing ring when replacing the sealing ring, and equipment manufacturers cannot provide it. 2. non-professional maintenance of end users (quality problem, wrong selection, improper selection and assembly of seals) cause another leakage and spill of the equipment, with high maintenance cost. 3. for the temporary repair caused by oil leakage and spill of the equipment, the manufacturer cannot meet the requirement of delivery date. aiming at various problems troubling the industry, shemar electric has developed the solution for oil leakage and spill of electrical power unit based on years of experience in sealing: confirmation of sealing ring specifications, production and manufacture of sealing ring, and called installation of engineers. the company has promised no oil leakage and spill within 15 years after maintenance.

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the solution for oil leakage and spill of shemar can ensure the lowest comprehensive maintenance cost (including accident cost, shutdown cost and the maintenance cost of oil leakage and spill for the next time) of end users.

shemar has an experienced team in engineering service, usually active all over the country, which can ensure rapid delivery of regular orders and repair orders.

at present, end users of domestic provinces have cooperated stably with shemar in solution for oil leakage and spill, and the phenomenon of oil leakage and spill can be stably controlled. at the same time, end users further normalize the standard for sealing in the power industry, and put forward higher sealing requirements for power equipment works. these measures can effectively improve the sealing level of the industry. we believe that no leakage of the equipment will be realized in the industry with joint effort.

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