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ehv dc ±1100kv bar suspension composite insulators of shemar pass the technical identification

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on september 3, technical appraisal meeting of ehv dc ±1100kv bar suspension composite insulators of shemar was held in beijing. the experts of appraisal committee carefully listened to final report of shemar on development, reviewed the related appraisal materials, and agreed that the comprehensive performance of shemar insulator for ehv dc ±1100kv line reached the international advanced level, agreed on production through technical appraisal, and suggested linked operation to accumulate the experience.

since shemar successfully developed ac/dc all series line composite insulators (excluding ehv dc ±1100kv) in 2008, it has occupied the leading market shares in ehv ac/dc field. the development of composite insulators for ehv dc ±1100kv line this time is mainly to support the construction demand of state grid corporation ofchinafor ehv dc ±1100kv project in the future.

after 30 years of development, line composite insulators have become the commonly used insulation form of external insulation of overhead lines. however, it is the important topic in the industry that how line composite insulators meet the application in the worst environmental conditions, replace for porcelain insulators and glass insulators in the strain tower, and continue to contribute to reliability and economy of overhead lines.

in 2006, shemar started to develop line composite insulators based on the revolutionary breakthrough in the filed of substation composite insulators, and combination of further study on materials of silicone rubber shed. by 2008, all series line composite insulators of shemar have passed the appraisal, which have been used in the first ehv dc ±800kv of state grid corporation ofchinaby batches.

subsequently, shemar carried out “study on application of composite insulators for strain tower” and “study on application of large-tonnage composite insulators in ehv dc system”, to lay a solid foundation for the application of line composite insulators in the strain tower. in the following engineering construction, line composite insulators of shemar are first used in ehv ac/dc strain tower, which reduce the engineering cost, promotes the reliability of external insulation of strain tower, and realize the maintenance-free insulators in the strain tower in life cycle.

in 2010, state grid corporation of china implemented dc project with the highest elevation in the world-±400kv/750kv qinghai-tibet ac/dc networking project. because of high elevation of engineering environment, strong ultraviolet rays and serious bird pest, the requirement for line composite insulators is higher. shemar won 60% of orders depending on excellent technology and performance of the product, and behaved well in the subsequent operation process.

 “the value creation is the most critical. this is the values that shemar has followed, which determines that the r&d of our product is “not taking the unusual way”, we will not take the old way of others, so why do we develop line composite insulators? manager liu weijie of line insulator products said, “the line composite insulators that have been successfully used have problems to be solved, and space for innovation and promotion. for example, the performance of silicone rubber shed materials has a large space for promotion, and how to satisfy use requirement in life cycle, and avoid the replacement every ten years is the innovation point. in addition, in the composition of external insulation of overhead lines, and the ‘nail household’ of the strain tower, porcelain insulators or glass insulators used in the strain tower not only have expensive purchasing price, but also have hidden danger of pollution flashover, and operation and maintenance costs on the later stage are high. all these are our innovations.”

according to the results of shemar participating in customer interview of ieee conference in may 2016, most u.s. users recognize economy and technology of line composite insulators, but they also worry about aging and failure of line composite insulators. many users ofu.s.power grid put forward that the economy of line composite insulators should be comprehensively considered and calculated, and they have doubts in line composite insulators with quality problem in essence. “as a leader in the industry, these are we are going to break through. to bring customers greater value, solve their problems, reduce the costs, and make power grid more reliable our value.” sales manager shen longru of overseas sales department said, “creating value for customers is eternal pursuit of shemar. in 2015, shemar took the lead in promising to global users, that is, shemar ensures all sold line composite insulators satisfy 40-year service life requirement, and the warranty period is extended to 20 years.”

behind the commitment, there is further study on the technology, more reliable products with stable quality, and tireless value pursuit of shemar. through innovation, shemar has made line composite insulators meet the requirements of the worst environmental conditions, and taken the lead in the application in ehv ac/dc strain tower, to contribute more to the improvement of reliability and economy of overhead of lines, create greater value for users of state power grid, and contribute more to the highest dc transmission project in the world.

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