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our company provides ya’an disaster area with free 500kv transformer composite bushing with more reliable performance for repair and reconstruction of the damaged power grid to rush to rescue the disaster area

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on april 20, news from ya’an spread throughout the whole country, an earthquake of m7.0 on richter scale happened in ya’an area. the earthquake caused the damage to a large area of power grid in ya’an area, in which the porcelain bushing of 500kv neijiang substation no.1 main transformer in ya’an should be replaced urgently because of failure in the earthquake. after receiving the notice, the main transformer manufacturer xi’an xd transformer co., ltd. immediately inquired the porcelain bushing manufacturer whether materials could be supplied the first time to assist the disaster area with recovery of power supply. however, because production cycle of porcelain bushing was long, which cannot meet the rush-repair and supply requirement, xi’an xd transformer co., ltd. turned to legend electrical (shenyang) co., ltd. for help. after receiving the task, shenyang legend immediately contacted with the company leaders, and requested them to provide a hollow composite insulator for 500kv transformer at the fastest speed, and the products must be delivered within 24 hours.

the disaster is the command. after receiving the notice, the company leaders rapidly made response, built the task force supporting electrical rush repair of earthquake in ya’an and post-disaster reconstruction, and provided free composite insulators with excellent seismic performance for rush repair and reconstruction of damaged power grid in the disaster area.

in the evening of april 20, lights in company’s technical department of insulator business department were still on, without signs of rest days at all. fang jiang, the manager of technical department, led technical engineers to tensely calculate technical parameters in front of computers, and implemented synchronous docking with legend company. at two o’clock in the morning, fang jiang finally breathed sighs of relief and said, “the communications are completed, and next we will continue to work night and day, to complete and issue product drawings, part drawings and tooling drawings. in this way, the products can be produced in the morning of april 21.”

in the morning of april 21, the company’s technical personnel and production personnel of insulator business department and mould and metal business department cooperated closely, and pmc released the production order the first time, with production elements gathered in place. “fittings and fixtures are produced synchronously. once the insulator string is in place, the pouring process is immediately started, and inspection personnel are in place. the process control and product inspection will never be slackened!” the manager wang yaqun of pmc says. at two o’clock in the afternoon, the insulator injection string enters pouring process on time, packaging containers and special transport vehicles are waiting for delivery. shao haiying, the assistant to production director of insulator workshop, keeps paying attention to details of the production at the site: “we must seize every minute and second. these products are needed in the disaster. the production workers are working continuously, and everyone is not feeling tired. we cannot go to the disaster area, we should do our best for the people in the disaster area!”

on early april 22, in the dark, the insulator of no.1 main transformer bushing in ya’an 500kv neijiang substation was delivered from the company successfully. all the employees participating in design, production, inspection and delivery of the product were much gratified.

it is known that porcelain insulators are easy to damage in the earthquake, which is one of the main reasons for the damage to the power station in the earthquake area. by contrast, the intensity of htv composite insulators tolerant to the earthquake of shemar is much higher than that of porcelain insulators. taking 500kv transformer bushing for example, porcelain bushing will be damaged in the earthquake at the acceleration of 0.25g (equivalent to m8 earthquake), and 500kv composite bushing tolerates the test at the acceleration of 2g in the earthquake test carried out by legend company-the intensity of composite bushing tolerant to the earthquake is several times that of porcelain bushing. not only that, the manager of technical department fang jiang says the production cycle of composite bushing is short, only 1/4-1/3 that of the porcelain bushing, and the delivery time directly determines the time of rush repair and post-disaster reconstruction of power facilities in the disaster area.

the leaders of operation and maintenance department of state grid corporation of china confirmed and recognized the act of shemar after hearing the report put forward by the company’s leader on free supply of composite insulators for rush repair and reconstruction of damaged power grid in ya’an disaster area. he also expressed that they would immediately contact state grid sichuan electric power company, comprehensively use products of shemar in rush repair and post-disaster reconstruction, and encourage the company to prepare for making contributions, thus to fight a tough battle.

the user’s requirement is the goal we are pursuing. the company’s task force that supported the power rush repair in earthquake and post-disaster reconstruction in ya’an rushed to sichuan the first time, and actively docked with state grid sichuan electric power company. all shemar people were prepared to welcome the sacred mission with full enthusiasm!

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