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2016 shemar value-sharing seeting is held in shanghai

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 2016 shemar value-sharing seeting is held in shanghai

on december 9-10, 2016, the first shemar value-sharing meeting is held in shanghai, and 248 guests from all over the country attend the meeting. ye tinglu, the general manager of operation branch of state grid corporation of china, gao liying, deputy director of operation and maintenance department of state grid corporation of china, relevant leaders and experts of infrastructure department of state grid corporation of china, department of science and technology, department of ac construction, department of dc construction, department of production equipment management of china southern power grid, and uhv power transmission company of china southern power grid are present at the meeting. 59 leaders and experts from 26 provincial and municipal power companies as well as 147 leaders and experts of major manufacturing enterprises of electrical power unit from 116 countries participate in the meeting. famous industry experts of units such as tsinghua university, chinese society of electrical engineering, china electric power research institute, china southern power grid and xi’an high-voltage apparatus research institute are invited to the meeting

the chairman ma bin of shanghai shemar electric co., ltd., shanghai shemar electric engineering co., ltd. and jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. shares the five points of shemar of creating value for customers and the industry in the welcome speech. the company focuses on existing problems and sustainable development of the industry, solves the problems through the technological innovation, and make the cost performance of the products the first in the world, thus to continuously create value for customers and the industry. the chairman ma bin expresses that shemar is thoroughly cooperating with international famous consulting such as ibm, mercer, ddi, pwc and siemens, etc. in strategic analysis, process construction, hr management, advanced manufacturing, capital structure setting and internal control, to continuously promote the management innovation. shemar continues to create a team recognizing and practising corporate values, and enable all employees to realize corporate values of self-value through creating value for customers and the industry.

five key points of creating value for the industry put forward by the chairman ma bin are external reflections of internal logic of development values of shemar: the corporate culture builds a team, the excellent team creates the management, good management creates the enterprise with core competitiveness, and the enterprise with core competitiveness creates value for all related parties, thus to achieve self-realization of the excellent team.

the chairman ma bin shemar shares the business development plan for 5-10 years formed based on the existing development, and shemar will focus on three segments in manufacturing industry, engineering services and investment industry, to continuously create value for global customers and the industry through the promotion of business in three segments.

the segment in manufacturing industry will continue to focus on pain points of the industry through r&d platform of key laboratories of national energy power composite at the same time of making 12 existing product lines best in the cost performance in the world, to plan and develop new product lines, and solve industry issues, thus to create value for customers and the industry.

the segment in engineering services will focus on overhead power transmission and aboveground & underground power transmission, and provide engineering design, product integration, engineering construction and integrated service of subsequent operation and maintenance through system integrated innovation of central research institute under the premise of leading technology, and develop shanghai shemar electric co., ltd. engaged in engineering services to the world-class engineering general contracting supplier within ten years.

the segment in investment industry will focus on the core raw materials of shemar, and invest in upstream industry chain, which will be more conducive to the development of integrated innovation of industry chain, and effectively improvement of the competitiveness of industry chain of shemar. on the other hand, shemar will invest in downstream power grid in right time.

in the future, business in three segments planned by shemar will be complementary and mutually supportive, thus to better create value for customers and the industry.

ye tinglu, the general manager of operation branch of state grid corporation of china pointed out in his speech that shemar has risen from product manufacturing to creation and sharing of value. the value-sharing meeting is the communications of product performance and quality, operation performance, and experience of shemar. this is a meeting for real value sharing. the present guests jointly discuss the existing problems and future sustainable development of the industry, to explore the opportunities of future development and future creation of value. this value-sharing meeting is beyond the product and the enterprise, which is related to the innovative development and the future of the industry. this is what the industry is looking forward to, and is of great significance.

the meeting reports the value of products such as integral sealing solution, substation composite insulators, line composite insulators, composite cross-arm tower, composite bushing for gas insulation, oil-impregnated paper capacitor composite bushing, 10kv distribution composite cross-arm, high-voltage switch insulated tension pole, and anti-flashover solution in form of video and ppt. through a comprehensive and systematic introduction, the present guests have a comprehensive understanding of the product value of shemar.

after the report of product value, gao liying, the deputy director of operation and maintenance department of state grid corporation of china, points out in speech that this value-sharing meeting is not only sharing of product value, but also sharing of corporate values. shemar adheres to the problem-oriented innovation, and achieves the highest cost performance of the product, to create value for customers and the industry. gao liying expresses that the core essence of market economy is the altruism, only by which the self-value can be realized continuously and healthily. shemar realizes self-value through creating value for customers and the industry, and the development way is correct and sustainable. he uses the couplet of tongrentang to encouraged shemar: although the processing is complicated, the manpower cannot be saved. although the taste is expensive, the materials cannot be reduced. shemar is expected to develop to tongrentang in the power industry, a longevous enterprise, to make greater contributions to the development of the electrician equipment field.

after the meeting in main venue is completed, the meeting focuses on technical discussion on branch venue of composite cross-arm tower, integral seal solution and electrical power unit. the present guests make further discussion with technicians of shemar on technical matters, and put forward various precious suggestions on technology r&d and product development. by participating in technical discussion in different branch venues, the present guests have profound understanding of the supporting capability behind the formation of this value for the value of the products of shemar. nearly 80 present guests drive to shemar electric (rugao) industry park after the completion of the meeting in the morning, and visit production line and key laboratories of national energy power composite of shemar.

during the process participating in the meeting, guests say that this meeting is rewarding, not only learning the product with immense value for the industry, and the more important thing is they see the behind ability to form these products, and feel the sincere heart of creating value for the industry. the guests are deeply moved and encouraged. many customers enthusiastically invite technical and market team of shemar to their units to hold the technical seminar, and some customers appoint with the company to their technical and management teams to carry out comprehensive exchange in shemar. after the meeting, the questionnaire survey of present guests shows that more than 86% of present guests express a high degree of recognition of products, brands and corporate culture of shemar.

for the past two decades of the development, the development of shemar from nothing has always focused on discovery of industry issues and solution for industry issues, to create value for customers and the industry. for the two decades the development, shemar has developed existing 12 product lines from only one product line at the beginning, and global 1598 customer from two customers at the beginning, 1538 employees from 7 employees at the beginning, and three offices in rugao, nantong and shanghai from only in rugao.

for the two decades, shemar people never lost a customer through their own efforts, because shemar people know that they have nothing but the customers. the development fact tells shemar people that only creating value for customers and the industry can reflect the value of shemar people. all shemar people have profoundly recognized corporate values of “the value creation is the most critical”, and they will make all effort to realize corporate values.


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