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our company launches the logo collection activity of 2015 shemar power international conference

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recently, our company launches the logo collection activity of “2015 shemar power international conference (spic2015)”.

spic2015 is an international exchange and communication platform. since the founding of shemar, through continuous technological innovation, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber substation composite insulators with high cost performance have been developed, covering all voltage classes, which have been comprehensively applied in the equipment of global various types of power stations. parties such as power grid corporations, transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers, and industry experts at home and abroad fully recognize the technology of shemar, and expect to further understand composite insulators as well as its supporting equipment and application situation of power grid through a public platform, to practically understand parties’ recognition of composite insulators, thus to jointly promote silicone rubber composite external insulation technology. based on this demand, spic emerges as required. the first conference is held on june 25-27, 2015 in dunhuang, gansu province will be held once every two years with the topic of “technology and application of substation composite insulators”.

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