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the chairman ma bin is selected as the director of the tenth council of chinese society of electrical engineering

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on may 20, the tenth member congress of chinese society of electrical engineering (hereinafter referred to as the society) was held in beijing, and the chairman and president ma bin was selected as the member of the tenth council.

shen aimin, the committee member and the secretary of the secretariat of china association for science and technology, and sun changji, the director-general of china electrotechnical society and the sixth vice director of chinese society of electrical engineering made speeches at the conference. shu yingbiao, the general manager of state grid corporation ofchinaand the ninth acting director-general of chinese society of electrical engineering made work report at the congress. he said, for past five years, the society has actively undertaken social functions such as science and technology award, talent award, science and technology evaluation, achievements and technical appraisal, and won national science and technology award in 9 programs with recommendation by the society for past five years. the most outstanding one is the program of “key technology, complete set of equipment and engineering application of ehv ac transmission” in 2012 won the special award of national science and technology progress award, and ehv 1000kv hollow composite insulator that the company has participated in the development is an important part. based on this research, the company won the commend of national science and technology progress award.

general manager shu emphasizes at the congress that the development space for energy power is still large at present, and the trend of clean development is increasingly prominent. the improvement of continuous innovation ability faces difficult task, and transformation of governmental functions puts forward new requirements for the development of the society. he advised the tenth council to cohere with industrial strength, promote technological innovation, promote academic exchange, promote service capability, and strengthen self-construction, to play a greater role in the development ofchinaelectric power industry and the construction of innovative countries.

subsequently, the tenth council and the standing council of chinese society of electrical engineering are selected at the congress. deputy general manager zheng baosen of state grid corporation of china is selected as the director-general, and xie mingliang is selected as the secretary general.

zheng baosen, the new director-general of the tenth council said the realization of the healthy and sustainable development of economy and society in china needs enough power as the guarantee, and advanced power technology as the support. it is estimated that the installed capacity of power generation inchinawill exceed 1.9 billion kw in 2020, and the electricity consumption of the whole society will reach 8.4 trillion kwh. the installed capacities of hydropower, wind power, solar power and nuclear power are respectively 350 million kw, 200 million kw, 100 million kw and 58 million kw. the society will adhere to technology leading, promote renewable energy to develop rapidly, and promote the study on technology such as resource evaluation, design and grid connection.

for the work of the society in the following five years, zheng baosen expresses that the society will actively establish industry-university-institute integrated exchange r&d platform around development direction and major topic research of state power science and technology, to provide the decision-making consulting service.

chinese society of electrical engineering was founded in 1934, which is an important social force of electrical engineering science and technology business in china. since the founding for 80 years, focusing on academy and democracy, the society has carefully fulfilled functions of the society, actively served power enterprises and power industry, thus to make great contributions to economic and social development in china. the successive vice directors and secretaries general of the society, expert and scholar representatives as well as member representatives, amounting to more than 300, participate in the congress.

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