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±800kv ehv dc project that the company participated in the construction won electric power science and technology award

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on may 20, 2013 awarding ceremony of china electric power science and technology award was held in beijing, which was led by china southern power grid. the project of “development, equipment production and engineering application of ±800kv ehv dc transmission technology” that the company participated in the completion won the first prize.

compared with ehv ac transmission, ehv dc transmission has advantages of long distance, large capacity and good economy, which is an important strategic path for cross-region and large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources in china. ±800kv ehv dc transmission technology is extremely complex. facing a series of world-class challenges brought by the improvement of voltage class and increase of transmission capacity, the starting point of the technology is particularly high, and the innovation difficulty is particularly large.

depending on project achievements, china southern power grid has built the first ehv dc transmission project yunnan-guangdong ±800kv ehv dc transmission demonstration project in the world, while 75% of ±800kv ehv dc post composite insulators in this project are from shemar.

from yunnan chuxiong to guangdong guangzhou, via guangxi zhuang autonomous region, yunnan-guangdong ehv dc transmission lines should be across hills and rivers via the plateau at the elevation of approx. 2000m. the insulation level of converter station at high elevations is the difficulty in ehv dc transmission, and the important topic related to the security of yunnan-guangdong project at the same time.

yunnan chuxiong converter station is located at the yunnan-guizhou plateau at the elevation of 1850m, which is the converter station with the second highest evaluation in the world. in order to solve the impact of thin air in high-elevation area on the external insulation, shemar has specially formulated composite insulators able to adapt to strong ultraviolet radiation in the high-elevation area with new technology, new material and new process through independent technological innovation. the breakthrough of such key technology has promoted the leaping development of dc transmission from hv to ehv, to provide core technological support for the implementation of the west development strategy inchina. at the same time, this key technology has promoted the comprehensive capability such as r&d, design and manufacture of dc transmission equipment inchinato achieve the leading level in the world, which has produced significant social benefits and economic benefits.

many research findings of this project have been widely used in nuozhadu-guangdong ±800kv dc transmission and distribution project, xiangjiaba-shanghai ±800kv ehv dc transmission demonstration project, and jinping-south jiangsu ±800kv ehv dc transmission project. the project is in good condition after it is put into operation, which saves engineering investment.

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