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shemar initiative anti-flashover solution was being put into operation in india 420kv substation

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on april 26, 2017, the shemar initiative anti-flashover solution was being put into operation in andhra pradesh substation of power grid corporation of india, which marked the first time application of shemar anti-flashover solution in foreign market.

it was reported that the pilot substation was located in the city of visakhapatnam with bad weather where the place had high air salt density and extreme high air temperature, and in the nearby place there had a thermal power plant, raising the pollution level. faced with these threats, sometimes the local people can hear the voice of discharging clearly even in the fine day and see the electric arc in the night.

in order to solve the immediate problem of flashover, pgcil adopted some solutions for the flashover of ceramic insulator, such as washing, cleaning and the coating of rtv.

in 2006, shemar attended elecrama exhibition and introduced the worldwide initiative anti-flashover solution, which aroused much attention from many research institutes and operation units of pgcil. the experts from pgcil said maybe the coating of rtv could not ensure the long time dependable, trouble-free operation of ceramic insulator according to the phenomenon of china large scale ageing of anti-flashover rtv materials, which can’t be painted any more. the experts in central electricity research institute of india said, shemar initiative anti-flashover solution was an incredible innovation, and it was worth trying.

after that, shemar technicians and marketing had further communication with the representatives from pgcil; they learnt the design, test and application of shemar anti-flashover solution and had full feasibility study. finally they approved the first time application in 420kv substation.

the application of shemar anti-flashover solution in 420kv substation was of great significance that it was not only showed pgcil had approved of shemar technology of solution, but also shemar anti-flashover solution had obvious advantages over economy and reliability. and as such, pgcil wanted quickly to try shemar solution.

t.k. wali, the late executive director of pgcil, pointed that according to reliability, shemar anti-flashover was more dependable than rtv coated materials. and during the rest of life cycle of equipment, shemar solution can ensure over 20 years working time. compared with other anti-flashover solution, shemar was a good choice in saving the average yearly cost.

according to the operation and maintenance plan of pgcil, shemar anti-flashover solution would be applied in coastal areas and heavy industry area, which laid a solid foundation for the later operation and maintenance standard of pgcil.

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