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abb established supplier sustainability development program at shemar

release time:2017-06-05 publisher:eric zhu

on may 24, 2017, a delegation of tops from abb group had a two-day trip to shemar for the supplier sustainability development program (ssdp), which aimed at supporting its key supplier-shemar’s sustainability and strived to more sustainable business cooperation. abb is proud of being a practitioner of “power and productivity for a better world”. shemar shares the same view and is always committed to provide more reliable, more economical and greener power for world. shemar appreciated abb for offering such a rare opportunity and actively cooperate with the abb ssdp project evaluation.

the bilateral party conducted ssdp evaluation work. the representatives from shemar pointed with continuous expansion of production capacityshemar keeps in improving all round aspects of production control, quality, safety and etc. during the work, abb group had further discussion on shemar current business status, lean group, su tong industrial park plan, it system application, deficiency of field management and other related issues. after the communication, the company managers accompanied with abb group to have a field evaluation of the workshop and production, and then they raised some feasibility plan for the spot problems. apart from this, abb had related evaluation on data of the workshop devices, the product quality, delivery time and safety. after heated discussion, abb group finally established three improvement projects, including project principal, team members and action plan. at the end of agenda, the bilateral party had the final summary report of the projects, and abb group had high praise on shemar input on information construction.

as a supplier and value chain of abb, shemar’s sustainability also can be found around some aspects, including manufacture product, service provided to customers and etc. “our existence is for creating value, and the value creation is the most critical” has become the core values of shemar.

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