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shemar landing a shares: innovation, promote progress of power industry

release time:2019-08-09 publisher:shemar

on the 5th of august, jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. was officially listed on the main board of the shanghai stock exchange with its stock abbreviation of shemar power (stock code:603530). committed to our development mission "to push forward industrial development and innovating the technology". starting from producing rubber seals in 1996, shemar has applied new materials and new technology to substation composite insulators, line composite insulators, transmission line compositecross-arm towers, together with other external insulating products of power transmission, transformation and distribution, completely solved the traditional external insulating problems. shemar has significantly benefitted the economy and the society by saving more than 40 billion rmb accumulatively for global grid users, through avoiding the accident and saving the maintenance cost!

on 4th of august in the listing ceremony,ceo, mr. ma bin, systematically explained the purpose of listing and how shemar would create greater value for global customers after the listing, through a review of shemar's 23 years development since establishment. at the same time, mr.ma expressed sincere appreciation to all relevant parties.

to solve the problem, to grab the chance

shemar started from zero in 1996 and has always been focusing on the technological innovation within the power industry.we came up with the principle of '3 kinds of products that we would not produce' after the first 3 years since the establishment:

(1) shemar would not produce products that have no technical advantage within the industry;

(2) shemar would not sell products which could not achieve best-cost performance over the world;

(3) shemar would not sell products that could not help our company gaining the highest market share in the world.

because of the principle, we developed therubber sealing parts that fills the blank in chinese rubber seals market and solved the oil leakage issue for chinese electricity equipment within the first 3 years since the establishment. 

new technology, new era

in 1999, we discovered the external insulating difficulty within the global power industry. there are four reasons why this has been such a serious issue. firstly, it has caused the largest number of blackouts. secondly, it has caused the most serious accidents such asexplosion, fire and wide spread blackout. thirdly, it has required a large number of maintenances labors for global electricity companies. finally, it has caused numerous maintenance cost and accidental loss.

shemar spent 18 years facing these four facts. in 2016, we developed the composite external insulating product for power transformation substations, transmission lines and distribution power grid,which fills the blank in the international market and solve this historicalissue of recent 100 years from its source.

thanks to our technological development,nowadays we have received more than 300 patents and earned the chinese national science and technology progress award twice. this july, we have earned the authorization of drafting the international industrial standards. our products have saved more than 40 billion rmb saving the construction and maintenance cost for the global electric industry, and our development has also drawn the attention of many global power bureau grid companies from different countries.

after development for 20 years, it's time to set off on a new path

in 2016, in order to achieve quick and effective global application of our products, to completely solve the external insulating issue for many other countries, as well as pushing forward the development of industrial technology, shemar strategically organized our global business. the strategic plan is composed of a marketing network that covers 170 countries, a whole set of integrated solutions with new materials that solveindustry problems, in-depth research and integration of these research resources globally, construction of digital factory, a global supply chain, and a platform for human resources and capital, especially the capital platform.

in 2016, we recognized that we need finance to make our global business plan become real, and to support our business activities carried out every year,every day and by everyone. it is impossible for our dreams to come true without abundant resources. therefore, we decided on ipo in 2016. this important celebration banquet of listing that takes place today and the ipo ceremony to take place tomorrow shows the logic of our development plan in the past 23 years.

ipo should be an important milestone for shemar. facing such a big event, we believe that there will be more and more exciting events for shemar in future, because shemar's 20 years of great effort has laid the most solid foundation for business development in the world. if we look back on today after five or ten years,this must be the most important moment for shemar, because ipo is a catalyst.

be thankful to companions, bear in mind theoriginal goals, and move forward with braveness

now, i'd like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone in the community who cared, helped and supported us.

first, thank you to our global customers.thank you for staying with us and thank you for your trust and confidence in us.

second, thank you to the experts in the industry. shemar's achievement in technology is based on your contribution to the industry technology.

third, thank you to our suppliers,especially our strategic suppliers who have worked hand in hand with shemar for so many years.

then, thank you to former employees who fought for shemar. you are part of shemar's achievement today.

also thank you to the media. thank you for encouragement. 

thank you to the leaders of the party committees and governments at all levels. although the internal factors are the determining factors, there is also a saying: "environment creates people." in fact, environment also creates enterprises. without a good environment, certainly there will be no good enterprise. thus, thank you for creating the best and the healthiest external environment for shemar in the past 23 years. as mentioned in the video, former prime minister mr. wen said in 2009 that "the substation insulators successfully developed by shemar and the composite cross-arm tower under development are revolutionary technologies capable of replacing conventional products. i will continue to pay attention to shemar."this is the environment we have. in fact, we achieved it today. we have developed revolutionary technologies through the efforts of our team. external factors activate internal factors, so thank you for building a good development environment over the years.

finally, i would like to say thank you to my former colleagues and leaders in wuxi the fourth rubber factory. thank you to the work team leader mr. li, mr. qiu of the management department, mr. wang ofthe labor resource department, and secretary zhang of the party committee. ientered the factory when i was less than 16 years old and left at 24 years old. your care and inculcation during the period paves the way to starting my own businessin shemar.

in a word, thank you to everyone. thank you for accompanying shemar on this long journey in the past 23 years. at the same time, please continue to pay attention to shemar and help shemar to walk to a better future. shemar will do its best to push the progress of global power industry, to contribute to the rejuvenation of our countries and to the harmony of human society. this is the solid achievement which we want to pay back to each leader,expert, and every friend who ever helped us. we would not let you down. we will strive towards our goals and never forget why we started. thank you, everyone.thank you!

the above is according to live recording.

shemar electric co., ltd's successful entry into domestic capital market is a good embodiment of our development logic for 23 years, and is also a brand new start for our company. new start, new journey, shemar will keep in mind our mission, our responsibilities, and the trust and expectation from all levels in the society. we will continue to improve our competitiveness in the market, and contribute the power of "made in china" to the world!

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