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the independent innovation strategy implemented by jiangsu shemar electric group becomes the first impetus for transformation and upgrading

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jiangsu shemar electric group has implemented the independent innovation strategy, and strengthened the corporate core competitiveness, which has become the first impetus of the enterprise for realizing transformation and upgrading, and the code of conduct that shemar electric has insisted on the road of development for 14 years. the qualitative leap of field of power external insulation inchinafrom backward to leading is has been realized through the independent innovation, and the enterprise has achieved the development from nothing.

since the founding for 14 years, the company has focused on the solution for difficulties in the industry, and five types of power alternative products are successively developed. with successful application of these electric power core products, security and stability of the power grid operation are largely promoted, to reduce nearly 10 billion of losses for the state every year, especially hollow and post composite insulators, which have strongly supported the construction of national major projects during the period of “the eleventh five-year plan”-ehv transmission and distribution project. these projects have won science and technology awards such as special award of science and technology progress award of state grid corporation ofchinaand special award for china machinery industry, etc..

the international transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers represented by big three of the world transmission and distribution-abb, areva and simems have actively reached the cooperation with shemar, making china become the global leader from the backward pursuer in these industries.

with the continuous development of these products, the company achieved sustained development. the company has realized a leap from zero to 10,000,000 yuan in first five years since the founding, and a leap from 10,000,000 yuan to 100,000,000 yuan in the second five years. the company must achieve the goal of 1 billion yuan in the third five years.

shemar has continuously developed low-carbon and environmentally-friendly power alterative around the strategic objective of becoming the strongest enterprise in the global industry, to realize greater development of the enterprise.

 “one can be industrious without any urge”. the pace of shemar electric adhering to the independent innovation will never stop. “becoming the strongest enterprise in the global industry” is always our strategic goal, as long as it is done by shemar, it must become the first in the world. in 2009, the company planned the fourth five-year target: by 2015, shemar will create a 10-billion enterprise of power core products for independent creation inchina. the achievement of this goal not only requires us to make five existing types of products the strongest in the global industry, but also make the composite power transmission tower in r&d at present strongest in the global industry. at present, the composite power transmission tower, the new product highly affirmed and concerned by premier, has been successfully completed its trial application in the project.

the goal of achieving a 10-billion industry is just a stage goal for the development of shemar. as long as we adhere to the independent innovation, we must be able to build shemar to the world-class enterprise in global power industry. therefore, shemar electric takes the enhancement of the independent innovation capability as the key to enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness and risk resistance capacity, and the independent innovation has become the soul in the development of shemar electric, which is thus the only way to achieve ultimate goal of shemar.

the development objective of “the value creation is the most critical” has encouraged us to adhere to the sustainable independent innovation, to realize the enterprise’s transformation and upgrading, thus to realize self-value at the same time of creating value for related parties.

the independent innovation only has starting point, but not destination in shemar. this is because shemar people have a profound understanding of what the development of enterprise is for, and what the meaning of people living in the world is. it is to create value for the society! the reason why shemar has made today’s achievements for 14 years is not only the effort of all employees, but also the results jointly concerned and supported by industry experts as well as party committees and government leaders at all levels. during these 14 years of development of shemar, almost all experts have participated in r&d process of shemar, and local government has almost undertaken all affairs beyond the business of shemar. after our scientific and technological achievements, the state has given the support with national debt for two times, jiangsu provincial party committee and jiangsu provincial government has given support with major scientific and technological achievements transformation fund for two times. support from all circles makes all shemar people understand a truth: only when an enterprise creates value for all the related parties, it can win the support of the society. only when it wins the support of the society, the enterprise can achieve the sustained development.

 “our existence is for creating value, and the value creation is the most critical” has become the core values of shemar, and development objectives shemar are to “create value for employees, and become belonging for employees; create value for suppliers, and become win-win partner of suppliers; create value for customers, and become development support for customers; create value for industry, and become the engine for progress of industry; create value for society, and become the company identified by society”. the independent innovation is the development means of the enterprise, and continuous innovation depends on the enterprise’s pursuit. with such motive power, shemar can realize continuous innovation.

for past 14 years, shemar electric has always adhered to the core link of taking the independent innovation to the innovation transformation, and walked a road of market-oriented and people-oriented independent innovation with the enterprise as the main body, and guarantee for institutional system. shemar will continue to follow this road in the future, to make our due contributions to the leaping development of local economy.

(all-china federation of industry & commerce)

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