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shemar electric fills in the blank in the technology of power equipment industry

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in the power equipment industry, shemar electric is a newcomer, which has rapidly developed for only 14 years. however, this does not prevent the shemar electric building up good reputation in the industry. for only 14 years, the company has done “the same thing”, found the technical blank in the power equipment industry, and then filled in it. shemar has invested more than 60 million yuan to successfully develop ehv ac 1000kv hollow composite insulators, which has achieved the growth in contract revenue of the enterprise then by 112% at the same time of filling in the blank in the international market.

shemar has marched the industry forefront, and taken orders from the strong smart grid that marks the highest standard in the power industry in china. in opinions of shemar people, the grasping of core technology of ehv equipment has made shemar electric walk towards the door of industry leader. with 1000kv hollow composite insulators of shemar operating in hubei jingmen substation at present as an example, the electrical properties, mechanical properties and tightness have reached the international advanced level, and the price is only 1/3 that of foreign products, which have realized maintenance free in later operation.

since the 1990s, shemar has selected vinyl acetate rubber with poor oil resistance and high price abandoned by the industry as the alternative material, to save hundreds of millions of losses from oil spill of electrical power unit every year. it is surprising to use high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber to replace for traditional porcelain insulators, thus to produce hollow composite insulators of completely new idea, which has resisted the big snow disaster and wenchuan big earthquake in 2008. shemar electric is rather legendary.

 “ma bin, you are shemar!” mentioning the encouragement of premier wen jiabao each time, the chairman ma bin of shemar is full of gratitude, “shemar electric cannot develop to the today’s scale without assistance from governments at all levels.” in 2007, the output value of shemar electric was 200,000,000 yuan, and the project of hollow composite insulators undertaken by the company successfully passed the acceptance of jiangsu technology department. shemar completed the leaping development from 10-million level to 100-million level. “the original support of 10 million yuan of project fund played an important role.” ma bin recalled. in 2004, when the r&d of high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber composite hollow insulators of “shemar” was successful, the company’s annual output value was only 30 million yuan. although the technology filled in the blank in the international market, the achievement transformation fund was a big problem without the support of project fund.

after shemar electric has solved the “financial difficulty” at the beginning of the industrialization hard, it development has entered the fast lane. shemar electric has created a position in the market at home and abroad depending on the completely new high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber composite hollow insulators with performance far better then the similar products abroad and 30-years long lifetime. shemar has applied international patents in more than 20 countries and areas such as the european union, theunited states,japanandindia. science and technology are endless. under the effort of all shemar people, shemar electric has successively solved numerous technical difficulties such as porcelain post hollow insulators, post insulators, electrode bushing, and composite post insulators for power station, and become the only chinese committee member of international electrotechnical commission. in 2008, shemar electric carried out the industry-university-institute cooperation with professor liang xidong, the director of department of electrical and mechanical engineering, tsinghua university in hv, uhv and ehv hollow and post composite insulators, and won the rolling support of transformation fund project of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province again.

 “many years ago, when i came back from a visit to insulator manufacturers in china first time, i began to worry about the ability of the western suppliers to keep the competitiveness in the international market in the future market. after visiting shemar, i have to revise my view, there is no need to worry about it, and it is too late for this.” the international famous expert in insulator dr. torre evaluates shemar electric on the international journal inmr.

it is known that the composite tower of shemar electric successfully developed last year has passed comprehensive test of china electric power research institute, which has been used in the project. the product has more environmentally friendly and resource saving advantage, which completely complies with the requirement of national development of low-carbon economy, and “two types three new” and life cycle management concept of state grid corporation ofchina. the product is the new product independently developed by shemar, representing the international highest level, which has broken the international monopoly again.

 “in future development, shemar will still continue to independently develop series products of smart power station, and plan to invest 3.8 billion yuan to accelerate the implementation of projects such as the composite tower within 5 years, thus to strive to build a 10-billion enterprise in 2015. since 2015, shemar has accelerated the development series products for the smart power station, increased the expansion strength of market cultivation, and continued to achieve the higher sales goal.” at the end of the interview, ma bin smiled and told the reporter.

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