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shemar electric: making power grid more secure and reliable

release time:2010-11-02 publisher:

interview time: october 20, 2010

interview place: china international exhibition center

interview background: guided by ministry of industry and information technology and jointly supported by department of resource conservation and environmental protection of national development and reform commission, department of high and new technology development and industrialization of ministry of science and technology, and department of energy conservation and technological equipment of national energy administration, “2010 china exhibition for energy-saving mechanical and electrical products” sponsored by china federation of machinery industry was begun in china international exhibition center on october 19, 2010. as the live media for this exhibition, hc360.com made a through report on this exhibition. at the exhibition, reporters of hc360.com made in-depth communications with leaders of various famous enterprises, and jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd.  was one among them. on the site, we made an interview to mr. yu jiajun, the assistant manager of market department of jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd..

manager yu introduced that founded in 1996, shemar has successively developed transmission and distribution seals with the technology filling in the blank in the domestic market as well as transmission and distribution hollow composite insulators, post composite insulators, and composite insulation bushing with the technology filling in the blank in the international market for 12 years depending on the independent technological innovation, applied 54 national patents for these products, and successfully applied international patents for inventions to global 21 countries. at the same time, the enterprise has become the main unit for formulating national standards for these products.

manager yu believes there is an important thing for the development of the company: the value creation is the most critical. shemar electric has created value in five aspects, namely, create value for employees, and become belonging for employees; create value for suppliers, and become win-win partner of suppliers; create value for customers, and become development support for customers; create value for industry, and become the engine for progress of industry; create value for society, and become the company identified by society. such value pursuit of shemar has won wide resonance in social circles. based on the common pursuit, the industry and customers have actively participated in the development of shemar, to create value and harmony jointly.

manager yu said shemar electric is always pursuing safe products, and ensuring the security of power grid is what shemar has always pursued. the occurrence of oil leakage and spill of transmission and distribution equipment, explosion, pollution flashover trip-out, collapse and breaking-up of power grid external insulation may bring many damages. the products of shemar have never suffered oil leakage for past 13 years, which is strictly prohibited by shemar. since its founding, shemar have developed acrylic seals with the same lifetime of the equipment through independent technological innovation closely around oil leakage and spill of transmission and distribution equipment troubling the power industry for a half century, and solved the this difficult problem. at present, the domestic market shares are more than 80%.

talking about the future development direction of shemar, manager yu said confidently that they would carry out further development in the power industry, making the power grid safer, cleaner and more reliable. in the future, they want to achieve 10 billion and a 10-billion enterprise is a stage goal for shemar, which is the foundation for sustained and rapid development of shemar. the strategic positioning of shemar is to become the strongest enterprise in the global industry. all the products of shemar should rank the first in the global industry. this “first” is not only the market share, but also the discourse power of formulating the international standard. through striving for the strongest, shemar must be able to become the world-class enterprise contributing to the global power industry.

shemar electric: brave to be the leader in transformation and upgrading

 “the impact of global financial crisis on our power industry appeared in 2010. the investment in global power industry is reduced largely, and the investment in domestic power industry was reduced by 50% compared with 2009.” at the meeting of mobilization of the promotion of industrial restructuring and upgrading in the city, the chairman ma bin of shemar electric co., ltd. said, “last year, shemar broke through various new technologies and new products based on development and manufacturing technology of hollow and composite line insulators leading in the international market through technical guidance and management support, to seize the opportunity and accumulate the strength, thus to lay a foundation for meeting greater challenges.”

it is known that in 2010, shemar continuously increased the intensity of the technological innovation, and achieved completely new breakthrough in line insulators, to realize the development of a series of new products such as all series composite electrical bushing and hollow composite insulators for post circuit breaker, thus to lay a solid foundation for rapid occupation of line insulators in the market at home and abroad. approved by jiangsu technology department, composite material and equipment research institute of jiangsu (shemar) electric was founded in 2010 at shemar, and shemar electric has made full use of the platform, to largely integrate high-quality talents, and provide support for rapid and continuous technological innovation. through cooperating with ibm on implementation of the project of “business system optimization design and information consultation”, shemar has further defined the overall strategy, established the operation process, and determined the management structure. at the same time, shemar has solidified the core process through sap system, and laid a foundation for guidance to the development of company with technology.

 “in 2011, shemar adhered to the idea of independent innovation, and leading development road with technology, and acted as the leader in transformation and upgrading depending on technical guidance with management as the support.” ma bin said this is the beginning year of the “the twelfth five-year plan”, which is the beginning year of the fourth five-year plan of shemar. shemar has continuously improved the competitiveness of existing seals, insulators and bushings around the five-year plan, and strengthened the development of transmission tower product for composite power at the same time. shemar has accelerated the rapid realization of market expansion of new and old products based on leading technology, and achieved the goal of 10 billion of sales by 2015. shemar electric has accelerated the promotion of various tasks around the launching goal in 2011, rapidly integrated technical team with the platform-provincial research institute, and largely developed the technical r&d, to prepare for establishment of national-level r&d institution of power composite materials and equipment. shemar has further strengthened the management, led the corporate development with technology, and laid foundation for comprehensive use of technical r&d achievement benefits.


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