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our company holds 2016 summery and praise meeting of shemar electric

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on january 23, shemar electric 2016 summery and praise meeting and 2017 spring festival gala were hold in the grand theatre, and all staff of the company participated in the meeting. at the meeting, the overall operation situation of the company in 2016 was comprehensively summarized, and the development results achieved in 2016 were full affirmed. at the same time, the gap in the development was pointed out, and the development direction for 2017 was defined.

the president office pointed out in 2016 work summary that the company made solid progress in various tasks based on the work program of “doing correct things and using correct people”:

1. the company has realized the five-year strategic plan, untangled the path for realizing plans for segment in manufacturing industry and segment in engineering services, and re-designed the capital structure and control mode of the group depending on the external consulting, based on which the listing of manufacturing industry is initiated, thus to make the company’s plan from blueprint to implementation;

2. the company has closely paid attention to the objective of “making all product lines the first in the industry” through implementing the operation measures for “focusing on the operation of product line, making full effort to build independent business entity, and comprehensively promote the operation quality”, to continuously carry out optimization in process and organization, and finally determine the organizational structure of product line operation built according to value chain, thus to make product operation center play a role in management and control, realize all employees focusing on the market, and completely provide the most competitive products and best quality service for customer;


3 the company has supported the implementation of the sales strategy through the establishment of sales performance scheme and sales management system, and promoted the overall capacity of sales team, thus to strongly support the winning of sales orders this year. shemar value-sharing meeting was held successfully in 2016, providing the foundation for value marketing and culture marketing in 2017;

4. the company has defined the annual work program, drawn technical map, and determined the list of r&d project through re-positioning of functions of r&d center, and re-determined the organizational structure of r&d center, manufacturing department and technical department through optimization and integration of r&d and technical functions, thus to lay the foundation for technical research and product development in 2017;

5. the company’s manufacturing system has determined the operation idea of “organization-objective-performance-operation mechanism-personnel development” based on customer demand to customer satisfaction, implementing overall objective of the manufacturing department into daily work, thus to deep promote the independent fulfillment, and return managers at all levels, to basically solve the annual challenges brought in the strategic opportunity period;

6. the company has promoted its support of the business through perfection and deepening of hr management, financial management, process information management and hse management;

7. based on three aspects for “using correct people” put forward by the chairman ma at 2015 summery and praise meeting, the company has further deepened employment standard and employment strategy, perfected the target performance system and personnel evaluation mechanism, strengthened the management team and started to build hr experts, to cover all shemar people with the standard for “using correct people”, and strictly carry out management according to the standard. the company has organized and developed the normative self-evaluation of above behaviors of the business personnel, and determined the employment strategy of “leading people with flag, and commanding the flag for people with initiative attack and quick icebreaking”, and determined that the corporate development vision is realized through gathering of a group of like-minded business partners;

8. according to the requirement put forward in 2015 that leader at all levels should handle four relationships, the company has determined the principle of formulating performance policy making in 2016, defined “focusing on construction of leader team on the one hand, and focusing on objective performance management of the team on the other hand”, and required the independent fulfillment of management leaders at all levels, to realize the independent fulfillment of all staff through implementing the objective performance work. in addition, through the cooperation with mercer, long-term profit-sharing plan has been almost determined, which is started in 2016 and completed in 2017;

9. the company has strengthened organization guarantee of the employment, introduced hr expert team, and intensified support role of hr in the business. in order to enrich the company’s management team, the company has cooperated with the global best headhunter through the untangling of recruitment demand for mature personnel, and the mature personnel are successively in place. in hr management system, the related employment system is accumulated through business practice in 2016.

the president office pointed out that the company will determine the direction, concentrate on the force and fill the gap in 2017 work plan based on management gap in 2016.

at the meeting, the company ceremoniously commended advanced collectives and individuals in 2016. all shemar people are watching the self-produced, self-directed and self-played spring festival gala, and sharing the new-year dinner of the rooster.


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