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records of installation of anti-flashover (pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover) suite for china southern power grid ±500kv tianshengqiao converter station

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in recent years, with the increasing environmental pollution, reports on accidents caused by the pollution flashover trip-out of porcelain insulators for power grid are common. the traditional solution for the above problem is to spray a layer of rtv/prtv on the porcelain insulation surface. this method is a temporary palliative, which needs construction and spraying again after aging and failure of rtv/prtv within a certain period of years, whose construction and maintenance costs are expensive.

in order to absolutely solve the major problem of pollution flashover trip-out of porcelain insulators endangering the safe operation of power grid, our company began to carry out special r&d of anti-flashover (pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover) suite since 2013. for more than a year, products are mature in technical scheme and construction technology, which are able to realize the objective of “construction once, valid lifetime”, thus to fundamentally solve pollution flashover, rain flashover and ice flashover of porcelain insulators.

in early april 2014, at “technical tender meeting of measures for anti-pollution flashover of tianshengqiao converter station” held by uhv power transmission company of china southern power grid, the technical scheme of our company emerged from numerous competitive units, to win the consensus from experts and leaders of power grid. on april 18, orders arrived as scheduled, and 36 anti-flashover (pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover) suites should be installed in tianshengqiao converter station. the construction time was fixed on may 1 and may 2. only ten days were left from product design, mould manufacturing to product production and shipment at that moment, and the time was rather urgent.

based on the “customer-oriented” basic principle, director fang research institute and director wang of manufacturing department immediately organize the relevant departments to discuss countermeasures. working together, lv zhaobao and sun yinjian optimize mould structure and processing technology, shortening the mould processing cycle from 12 days to 6 days. yang mingrong worked overtime and completed mould design within the shortest time. lu jianfei and liu daohui tracked the product production, and actively undertaken the post processing of the product under the short-handed condition, even working for 18 successive hours. under a high degree of cooperation of manufacturing department, the products are completed with high quality and quantity at 4 a.m. on may 1. the company immediately assigned a car to send the products to construction site by shanghai air.

the power station under construction is in the yunnan-guizhou plateau, with intense sunshine in the daytime. although it is may now, the temperature is already high. the products arrive at the construction site at 2 p.m. on may 1, and 36 suites were installed. with only one and a half days of construction time left for us, the situation of tight time and heavy task appeared. however, our construction personnel are seldom slackened, discarding fatigue by a long journey, who immediately themselves into intense construction after putting down the luggage. they worked until the early morning, and rushed to the construction site the next day after a little rest. after continuous hard work, the installation of 36 suites were installed completely at 11 p.m. on may 2, successfully passing the acceptance of clients, and the construction of anti-flashover (pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover) suite succeeded. during on-site construction for two days, our construction personnel had no complaints. the team worked together, and considered what customers wanted, creating value for all shemar people at the same time of reflecting self-value. they are wu chunjian, yang lin, chen wanjun, qian cheng, xu xiuhui, and ni shaosuo.

on may 7, the director of tianshengqiao bureau li biaojun called the company and expressed thanks, highly affirming our company’s products, technical force and service level of personnel, and expecting more extensive cooperation between both parties.

the successful completion of this order is benefited from strong support of leaders, collaboration of departments, and hard work of employees. but in essence, it is a achievement microcosm of “customer demand oriented” policy. as long as we adhere to this concept, the road of market must be wider and wider.

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