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“shemar” rushes out of jiangsu

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scene 1: on february 1, 2008, the chairman ma bin of jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. came back to nantong from guangzhou against wind and snow after bumping for dozens of hours. he received dozens of rescue calls from all over the country these days. the new composite hollow insulators for anti-explosion, anti-ice-snow pollution flashover developed by the company have become the “hot product” in disaster area with heavy snow in north. 40 sets of composite hollow insulators were sent to hunan only on february 1.

scene 2: on may 13, 2008, the next day after “5.12” wenchuan big earthquake disaster, working personnel of jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. immediately hurried off to the forefront of disaster area such as sichuan, ningxia and gansu, to grasp the situation on the site. through the investigation, technicians found that all insulators of shemar used in the disaster area were in good condition, which effectively ensured the rapid recovery of power facilities. the relevant power department fully recognized the performance advantage of insulators of shemar, decided to use widely in rescue of power facilities and after-disaster reconstruction, and required shemar to supply the products as soon as possible.

what are composite hollow insulators for? why the product of jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. is so popular and showing its power in large disaster? it should be started from the very beginning.

on land in jiangsu province and anhui province, “little horse” starts running

in fact, shemar started not depending on composite hollow insulators, but small rubber seals.

the oil leakage and spill of equipment in power station are major problems of the power industry since the founding of china, which cannot be completely solved by over 1000 domestic production enterprises of seals. oil leakage and spill cause considerable economic losses of the country, and seriously affect the safe operation of the power system. in 1996, ma bin, who was engaged in supply and marketing of state-owned enterprises, found this problem, “i want to solve this difficulty!” he resolutely left the former decent unit and returned to his hometown rugao to start a business.

 “become the largest domestic manufacturing enterprise of transmission and distribution seals”. shemar hung this large sign at the door since its founding in 1997, which was there up to now.

the road of entrepreneurship is very difficult, and ma bin et al. have learned everywhere and led young “shemar people” to carry out the independent r&d based on scientific and technological strength with the market as the orientation. after a year of hard fighting, the company has solved multiple technical difficulties. finally, acrylic materials that the industry believes unable to use are successfully used, and rubber seals with the same lifetime of the equipment are developed, which has solved the difficulty in oil leakage and spill of transmission and distribution equipment, and the product technology has filled in the blank in the domestic market.

now, thin, thick, long, round, square and special-shaped, numerous seals of shemar account for 70% of domestic power market shares. “shemar” is one of main drafting units of industry standard for rubber seals, and the enterprise has become the largest domestic manufacturing enterprise of seals for transmission and distribution equipment, and created the myth of manufacturing industry of seals for transmission and distribution equipment.

jiang “shemar” is marching towards the world

people usually see such scene on electrical power units such as line tower and substation: multiple shining white porcelain bushings are connected with electric wires and cables, extending to the distant. the performance of porcelain insulators used for more than 100 years is extremely unreliable, and electrical facilities are easy to cause explosion and pollution flashover accidents in case of damp, filth and rime. the power industry is urgent need of a new technology to control the “high energy consumer”.

since the 1990s, methods of liquid silicone rubber injection molding and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber casting forming are used abroad, to manufacture 110kv and above large composite hollow insulators, replacing for porcelain bushing. however, these two methods need high material costs and manufacturing costs, the electrical erosion resistant and aging-resistant effect is not obvious.

in 1999, shemar started to solve this international difficulty. in order to promote “made in jiangsu” to transform to “created by jiangsu”, the project of composite hollow insulators was listed in the first batch of aided program of provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation fund in 2004, with free funding of 10 million yuan for the development of product series. the r&d on the development of shemar won the large support from science and technology project programs at all level such as national technology support program, torch program, sme innovation fund, and program for introduction of provincial high-level entrepreneurial and innovation talents. during two years, shemar successively invested more than 20 million yuan, selecting new materials and configuring equipment, to develop a completely new composite hollow insulator through hundreds of experiments.

this product has excellent explosion protection and damage resistance, as well as good foul-resistant, aging-resistant and electrical erosion resistant performance, which filled in the blank in manufacturing technology of composite hollow insulators at home and abroad, with comprehensive technical performance reaching the international advanced level, and the price is far less than the similar foreign product.

shemar products suddenly emerge, and rapidly enter power transmission and transformation industry at home and abroad. global famous equipment manufacturers of transmission and distribution such as abb, siemens, and areva show their cooperation intentions. mr. torre, the authority of international transmission and distribution insulator industry, said after investigating shemar, “you should stop development; otherwise, it will be too bad for other enterprises in this industry.”

external insulation of ehv power transmission: chinese have the “discourse power”

the hollow insulators for ehv transmission equipment in china has long depended on imports, which are expensive and resulting in the situation that key technology for core components of power equipment is controlled by others, thus affect the national economic security.

 “the external insulation of our ehv project is not the problem, the domestic enterprise can undertake it and even better than the foreign enterprise, ‘shemar’ can solve this bottleneck.” a senior expert in power industry said these words are to general secretary at the special conference on the national major project-ehv power grid during “the eleventh five-year plan” hold by the executives of the state council.

a fact is hidden in the confidence of these words: the composite hollow insulators developed by shemar are on the frontier of international market. facing new challenges, “the interests of the country are above everything!” ma bin motivated himself and his partners: “chinese must have the discourse power in this field!”

he has led young shemar people to challenge such high goal. “shemar” has adhered to high-level location and high-end development, using a different approach, but not the conventional path, to challenge the technical difficulty not solved by the west for a decade of studies.

on june 19, 2007, national top experts in insulator industry gathered to identify “ehv ±800kv composite post insulators” developed by shemar. a conclusion was drawn that the first ehv ±800kv composite post insulator in the world was born inchina!

the situation of key technology of equipment external insulation controlled by others has gone, “made in china” has a comparative advantage worldwide. this technology not only supported the construction of the national major project-ehv power grid during the period of “the eleventh five-year plan”, but also successfully built the “top” position of shemar in global industry of external insulation of high-voltage transmission equipment.

published on xinhua daily on august 4, 2008

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