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ma bin: “smart” boosting manufacturers move towards the “equipment internationalization”

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 “in the past, for the construction of transmission and distribution project, we pursued the equipment localization. now, entering the construction era of smart power grid, we are pursuing equipment internationalization.” on september 28, the chairman ma bin of jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. defined the clear purpose from the very beginning when accepting the interview from the reporter.

it seems little difference between “equipment localization” and “equipment internationalization”, but transfers different confidence of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and power grid enterprises. in opinions of ma bin, equipment localization refers to such a process, namely: changing the product that produced by foreign enterprises only to the domestic independent development. the goal of equipment internationalization is to launch products made inchinato the international market. the difference between both is that domestic enterprise is the pursuer in the process of equipment localization, and domestic enterprise is the leader in the process of equipment internationalization.

it is a large promotion of vigorous development of smart power grid in china to domestic equipment manufacturing industry, to change from the pursuer to the leader. with the development of shemar electric as an example, ma bin said, whenchinaconstructed the smart power grid, many original application ideas of equipment design and material are innovated. for example, composite materials are recommended for manufacture materials of optical fiber transformer, and one of the core technologies of shemar electric is composite materials. this has further solidified the determination of shemar to develop new materials and products.

realization of “equipment internationalization” needs strong support of technical strength. stared by foreign giants, what are favorable factors for the realization of the “equipment internationalization”? “the promotion by power grid enterprises, especially state grid corporation ofchina, is the strong security for us to dare realize the equipment internationalization.” ma bin said he has communicated with executives of state grid corporation of china for many times, and found that state grid corporation of china supports “go-out”, and provides good “soil” for innovation. the first main constituent of “soil” is that state grid corporation ofchinaencourages the innovation of equipment manufacturing enterprise. ma bin said that the main product of shemar electric is composite insulators, in the scientific research, power grid enterprises participate in them, and jointly promote the enhancement of product technology. the second main constituent of “soil” is that state grid corporation ofchinais willing to provide the opportunity of exhibiting new products for enterprises. ma bin said that state grid corporation ofchinawould organize experts to carry out scientific and rigorous argument on new products. however, as long as the argument is passed, the opportunity of application will be given, and this has largely stimulated the enterprise’s innovation enthusiasm. the third main constituent of “soil” is that state grid corporation ofchinanot only uses domestic equipment at home, but also assists with propaganda and promotion in different occasions abroad. once, ma bin participated in a meeting abroad, and someone of foreign power enterprise found him and said, experts of state grid corporation ofchinamentioned products of shemar electric, and wished to have a further communication. ma bin recalled that he was impressed by surprise at that time, after which he was deeply moved.

 “in recent years, state grid corporation of china is committed to ‘go-out’. obviously, it wished not only ‘go-out’ of power grid, but also common ‘go-out’ of domestic manufacturing enterprises. i believe that smart devices inchinawill certainly be spread to the whole world with the idea of smart power grid inchinain the future.” ma bin said, “the international forum on smart power grid may be a beginning.”

from state grid news

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