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global purchasing director of germany siemens visits our company

release time:2014-07-28 publisher:

on july 21, mr. claus menne, the global purchasing director of global famous manufacturer electrical power unit-siemens came to the company to pay routine visit and seek further cooperation. the main purpose of this visit is to grasp the company’s quality management and control system of silicone rubber mixing.

founded in 1847, siemens has a history of over 165 years. at present, siemens is in an unshakable leading position in electronic and electric industry at present, which is distinguished in the industry through excellent technical achievements, persistent innovation pursuit, outstanding quality and trustable reliability and wide internationalism. siemens is ahead of transmission and distribution system, whose products cover all the primary equipment of power station such as tank circuit breaker, post circuit breaker, current transformer, and voltage transformer. the factories are all over the world with more than 360,000 employees.

such power enterprise popular in the world sets its sights on shemar in the perspective of sustainable development. excellent product design, perfect product quality and leading position in global power external insulation of shemar have attracted siemens, and shemar has gradually become the important and irreplaceable supplier of siemens.

at present, shemar has established batch supply relationship with three manufacturers of siemens in china. the visit of german siemens purchasing director aims to investigate the company’s quality management and control system of silicone rubber mixing, thus to promote the further cooperation between siemens factories worldwide and shemar.

mr. claus menne visited the workshop, and took a long-time talk with the company’s leader after seeing the company’s high quality raw materials, advanced production technology and strict quality control. he expressed his trust in quality supervision and control of mixed rubber, and the determination on the cooperation with shemar. in addition, mr. claus menne discussed with the company’s executives on composite products in european market, and pointed out the development trend that european market gradually changed to substation composite insulators. therefore, he suggested that shemar should change marketing idea and focus more on the development of other secondary enterprises except continuous expansion and maintenance of large customers such as siemens, alstom and abb.

mr. claus menne believed that high-quality and low-price products are solid foundation and backing for the development of shemar. in order to ensure the stable quality of products, shemar has the necessity to establish a set of product standards for power station insulators, which benefits not only the product promotion, but also reduction of cost and increase of production capacity. of course, the premise is to ensure the quality of products. in order to make the product go out better, shemar should increase the overseas marketing strength, to expand marketing scope and influence of products with a positive marketing attitude.

by this visit, mr. claus menne understood the company’s product quality more thoroughly. based on this, both parties exchanged specific steps and suggestions on the future cooperation issues, and reached a preliminary agreement on the cooperation.

the visit paid by mr. claus menne to shemar has a positive reference meaning for siemens to measure the future cooperation with shemar. for shemar, we should see the gap at the same time of seeing existing achievements, and marching towards the further cooperation with siemens. shemar will continuously move forward, and make persistent effort in the improvement of production capacity, enhancement of efficiency, reduction of cost, environmental protection and improvement of management, to realize our promise: create stakeholders! the value creation is the most critical!

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