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independent innovation solving world-class difficulty in ac ehv

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on january 18, 2013, the program of “key technology, complete set of equipment and engineering application of ehv ac transmission” in 2012 won national science and technology progress award. this project has achieved breakthrough in six aspects-voltage control, configuration of external insulation, control of electromagnetic environment, development of complete set of equipment, system integration and test ability through the collaborative research of industry-university-institute. why is the above technology difficult? what the meaning of its breakthrough is? special edition in this newspaper is for interpretation.

memory of the person completing the project jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd., president and chairman ma bin:

after successful development of domestic 1000kv insulator, the quotation of foreign products decreases from 10 million yuan to 2 million yuan.

in 2006, state grid corporation of china argued and built ehv ac transmission project. at that time, the primary equipment external insulation technology in substation is one difficulty. in 2006, technical foundation for domestic insulator manufacturers was weak, which could only produce porcelain insulators of 330kv and below. the products of 500kv and above completely depended on the imports, which were completely controlled by the foreign market.

at that time, shemar independently developed core technology of substation composite insulators, which laid a good foundation. however, in order to develop 1000kv product with reliable quality within short time, there are still huge challenges and risks, and we are not confident.

concerns and support from leaders of national development and reform commission and state grid corporation of china give us enough confidence. we made a decision immediately: building the team, and raise 120,000,000 yuan of project fund, and developing hollow composite insulators for 1000kv switch with effort made by the staff. with great help of state grid corporation ofchina, we have finally developed ehv hollow composite insulators filling in the blank in the international technology for one and a half years, to strongly support the construction of ehv project.

today, i still clearly remember a speech made by deputy general manager shu yinbiao of state grid corporation of china at the summary conference of ehv project. he said, the foreign enterprise quoted 10 million yuan for each insulator before we have developed composite insulators. after we have developed the product, they had to reduce the price to 2 million yuan. however, even so, this price is higher than 600,000 yuan for an insulator produced by us. moreover, from test and operation effect, the performance of domestic product is excellent.

deputy general manager shu yinbiao said, “in the future, they can no longer control us.” this world makes us encouraged and proud. depending on this platform-ehv engineering technology,chinahas rapidly improved the technology level of composite insulators, and become the world’s leader from the backward pursuer in the power external insulation field.

now, we would like to appreciate for the fortune brought by this project. we have grasped the world’s leading technology of composite insulators due to a project, which have been used in major projects such as xiangjiaba-shanghai ±800kv ehv, jinping-south jiangsu ±800kv ehv, shangdong-ningdong ±660kv dc and qinghai-tibet networking. international transmission and distribution giants such as abb and siemens have recognized our technology, and 130,000 substation composite insulators have been operated safely in more than 30 countries and areas all over the world at present. ehv project has created us.

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