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shemar electric participates in ehv transmission realization engineering application project and wins special award for national science and technology progress award

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yesterday, at 2012 national science and technology award meeting, the program of “key technology, complete set of equipment and engineering application of ehv ac transmission” in 2012 that participated by jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. won national science and technology progress award. “ehv ac transmission represents the highest level of international high-voltage transmission. the core technology of composite external insulation for power station developed by our enterprise has provided key support for the project.” as the main person completing the project, the chairman ma bin of jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. is pleased. the program of “key technology, complete set of equipment and engineering application of ehv ac transmission” is related to 180 key topic researches and development of 9 categories of more than 40 types of key equipment. this project has achieved breakthrough in six aspects-voltage control, configuration of external insulation, control of electromagnetic environment, development of complete set of equipment, system integration and test ability through the collaborative research of industry-university-institute, thus to grasp the core technology of ehv ac transmission, and successfully develop a complete set of key equipment. shemar electric has carried out technical research in the “allocation of external insulation”, and achieved the major breakthrough.

at the beginning of project approval of the first ehv ac 1000kv southeast shanxi-nanyang-jingmen transmission demonstration project in the world, the external insulation is the main bottleneck troubling the successful implementation of the project-international exported traditional porcelain external insulation product has the performance defect, and its price is expensive, which cannot guarantee the delivery date. in order to ensure successful implementation of the project, shemar electric has invested nearly 50 billion yuan of r&d expenses for two years, used new materials, new technology and new process, developed ehv composite external insulation technology with independent intellectual property right that represents international top level, thus to provide key support for equipment development and engineering design. the successful development of this technology has achieved a leap of power external insulation inchinafrom pursuer to leader in the global power industry, and promoted the comprehensive enhancement of transmission and distribution equipment level inchina.

the full length of the line of southeast shanxi-nanyang-jingmen ehv ac experimental demonstration project is approx. 640km, and it has operated safely and stably after operation for 4 years. as of december 31, 2011, the accumulated transmission power quantity is 27.7 billion kwh. after the completion of expansion project, as of this january 10, the accumulated transmission power quantity is up to 41.45 billion kwh, and the maximum transmission power is 5,720,000kw, which has effectively relieved the situation of power shortage in central china.

after successful development of ehv composite external insulation technology, it has successively won “special award for science and technology progress award of state grid corporation of china” and “special award for science and technology in china machinery industry”. winning “special award for national science and technology progress award”, ma bin is excited but not surprised. “the independent innovation is always a ‘lifeline’ in the development of shemar electric.” ma bin said.

in 1996, ma bin, at 25 years old, retuned to his hometown rugao for starting a business after resigning from wuxi. the first project he selected is development of new seals for transmission and distribution equipment through independent innovation. this product successfully launched after two years with more than 1000 tests has perfectly solved oil leakage and spill of power station equipment. after launched into the market, the product is popular in area south and north of the yangtze river within short time. at present, it occupies 80% of domestic power marker shares, and its annual sales volume is nearly a hundred million yuan.

shemar people who have made some achievements in the innovation have successfully developed composite hollow insulators of a completely new concept. this technology has filled in the blank in the international market, and avoided the hidden danger of traditional products. the launching of ehv composite insulators has absolutely broken the foreign monopoly of uhv and ehv external insulation inchinafor more than half a century. the products of shemar are rapidly recognized by the global industry. global 500 such as abb have shown their cooperation intentions, and signed long-term strategic cooperation agreement with shemar.

because of continuous innovation, a bigger surprise is expected: the composite power transmission tower, the revolutionary product that will change 100 years of history in power transmission, was born in shemar. this product can replace for steel power transmission towers all over the world, with safer performance and larger cost advantage, and it can save a large number of land and iron ore resources. the product is a landmark, and it is estimated that the global market capacity may reach 60 billion yuan. at present, shemar is applying various patents all over the world.

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