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secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee luo zhijun visits our company

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on may 20, 2013, luo zhijun, secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee and the director of standing committee of the people’s congress of jiangsu province made a special trip to the company accompanied by ding dawei, secretary of nantong municipal party committee, zhang guohua, nantong municipal mayor, huang weidong, the secretary-general of nantong municipal standing committee and municipal party committee, jiang yonghua, secretary of rugao municipal party committee, and chen xiaodong, rugao municipal mayor.

on the site of the company’s insulators and substation composite cross-arm, the chairman ma bin reports that substation insulators has solved the existing problems of the industry to the secretary luo, which has revolutionarily replaced for traditional porcelain products worldwide at present. the company’s composite cross-arm successfully developed for three years has passed technical identification, linked on no.2 channel project in northwest, which has shown good social benefits and economic benefits.

in the bushing workshop of insulator business department, the chairman ma reported the company’s development situation to the secretary luo. the chairman ma said that through independent r&d and innovation, the company has realized self-production of all the company’s products, applied more than 130 patents, which are authorized in theunited states,japanandindia. the company has participated in the formulation of five national and industry standards. ehv composite insulators won 2012 national science and technology progress award as the core component of ehv project. in addition, the company’s r&d center has passed the expert review organized by national energy administration, which is awarded recently. the chairman ma expressed they had the confidence in realizing the target of 2 billion yuan of insulators in the following five years. the composite tower product is mature in the technology, industrialization and scale sales will be formed. it is more important that the company will develop another completely new parent product of underground composite transmission tube in the future, which is highly approved by industry experts. we are planning the product line roadmap. finally, the chairman ma reported the company’s development plan to the secretary luo. on the one hand, the product’s upstream and downstream industry chain is integrated with national-level r&d center as the platform; on the other hand, the complete industry chain is integrated from material r&d, production design to construction and operation & maintenance, thus to finally realize the company’s strategic target through vertical and horizontal development.

the secretary luo listened to the report of the chairman ma and said that shemar is really developed well, and the most important is technological innovation. the road of innovation is difficult, which should be certainly adhered to, and any demand will be supported. finally, he encouraged the company to combine the frontier of areas in the middle of jiangsu, along the coast and along the yangtze river where the company is located and the frontier of high technology, and adhere to innovation, to become the leader and creator in the industry.

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