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feeling excited in shazhou-the company’s middle and high level management team visits shazhou all-composite insulator substation

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on july 27, when 750kv shazhou substation is put into operation for a month, the middle and high level management team of shemar visited shazhou all-composite insulator substation, personally experiencing and sharing landmark results achieved by the enterprise in promotion of composition process of external insulation for power station.

750kv shazhou substation is one of the important channels for transmission of xinjiang power-an integral part of 750kv channel no.2 transmission and distribution project of xinjiang and main grid in northwest china, which is located in qili town, dunhuang city in gansu province. with elevation between 1272~1276.50m, climatic conditions in the substation are bad with strong dust and extremely low temperature, and the ultraviolet irradiation is strong.

 “the biggest highlight of this project is the application of new technology and new materials.” zhu anming, the deputy director of engineering management department of engineering construction headquarters of no.2 channel, told the reporter of state grid news that the engineering construction headquarters organized relevant units to carry out various special technical researches in fields such as new materials, new technology and energy saving, and applied the achievements in the engineering construction in order to improve technical equipment level of 750kv transmission and distribution project, safe and stable operation of 750kv power grid according to relevant requirements of “tow patterns one popularization” and “two types two new” of infrastructure engineering of state grid corporation of china based on combination of engineering characteristics, construction and operation requirements.

according to the introduction of the project manager hua mingchi of client project department of gansu sub-headquarters, shazhou substation has realized the most innovations in the project. shazhou substation is the first 750kv all-composite substation inchina, and composite materials are used for bushings and post insulators of equipment in the whole substation, while all composite external insulation products are from our company.

in fact, early on this march 20, the technical seminar on 750kv equipment external insulation all-composite power station organized by northwest china grid company limited was held in xi’an. the present experts and leaders combine application performance of power station equipment composite external insulation at home and abroad and r&d capability of domestic equipment manufacturers and composite insulator manufacturers to fully prove necessity, feasibility and economy of composite insulators for the equipment in shazhou substation, thus to reach a consensus finally: all-composite substation 750kv equipment external insulation is meaningful, and significant, and domestic equipment manufacturers and composite insulator manufacturers completely have the development ability of the equipment in external insulation all-composite power station. the company’s technicians and technicians of equipment manufacturers carry out full communications, to define electrical and mechanical performance requirements of products such as isolation switch and transformer bushing, and successfully pass various related tests, to realize the first application of the company’s equipment such as 750kv isolation switch and transformer bushing.

experts said, the composite external insulation product of shemar electric complies with the national industrial policy with excellent performance: it is safer, which can absolutely avoid the accidents such as explosion, pollution flashover and brittle fracture of external insulation of power station equipment; it is more economical and maintenance-free in life cycle; and it is more environmentally friendly, with good market prospect and development space.

in channel no.2 transmission and distribution project connecting xinjiang with main grid in northwest china, the composite cross-arm transmission tower of shemar is first applied in the project, and two independent strain sections are used in xinjiang section, amounting for 7 bases. the application of this new transmission tower can save 12m of line corridor, reduce 8m of tower height, reduce 12t/base of tower materials, and reduce 12m3/base of concrete, which has characteristics of huge economic benefits and technical advantages, low carbon and environmental protection.

in shazhou substation, although gravel and stone roads under feet become burning under the blazing sun, members of the company’s management team are full of pleasure, feeling excited and honorable. everyone said that in order to make the enterprise become the leader in integrated service industry of new material power equipment, and promote the rapid application of composite new technology in the industry, we will try our best to do post work, and promote the enterprise to accelerate the pace of development, thus to realize the composition of external insulation of power station equipment.

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