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the first shemar value-sharing meeting is held in early december

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recently, the initial meeting of “first shemar value-sharing meeting” project team is held, and the meeting decides to hold the first shemar value-sharing meeting in shanghai on december 9-10.

the director of sales center piao yingshun said that shemar value-sharing meeting is an important communication platform built by the company, aiming to interact with customers, make customers understand product value, development plan and corporate culture of shemar, and make customers put forward precious opinions on the development of the company. at the same time, the customer’s actual needs and pain points of the industry are understood by communications, to find out and solve problems, obtain the opportunity of creating value for the industry, and obtain the chance to reflect self-value of shemar.

general manager piao said that the first shemar value-sharing meeting will be based on the invitation to domestic customers, and the second meeting will cover international users. more than 180 customers will be invited to the first meeting, covering users of power grid corporations in all provinces over the country, including departments of state grid corporation ofchinaand china southern power grid headquarters, and manufacturing enterprises of various types of primary equipment. the estimated attendance will exceed 250. the meeting has a wide range and high scale, which will become a very good communication platform.

it is reported that four departments for domestic sales of the sales center have started the work of customer invitation. “customer will be invited according to the process of “three forms and four departments”. “three forms” indicate that sales colleagues report the situation of this meeting to customers, and then invite customers in forms of e-mail and face-to-face visits. at the end of october, all sales colleagues will formally submit invitations to customers invited them to the meeting. by the end of november, we will further confirm the schedule of customers.” the director hong yun of department ii for domestic sales said, “four departments indicate that four departments for domestic sales jointly invite our customers to the meeting through by effort. all our sales colleagues are expecting customers, and all shemar people are looking forward to the visit of customers.

 “the value creation is the most critical” is the corporate values that shemar has followed. looking back on 20 years of development course, we have carried out technological innovation around industry issues, and provided solutions, to finally create value for customers and the industry, thus to win recognition from customers and the industry.” talking about the original intention of the first value-sharing meeting, the director of market center said, “we not only form solutions through the technological innovation to solve problems of customers and reduce costs of customers, but also make effort in internal operation to provide products with reliable performance, stable quality and guaranteed delivery date through reliable production of operation system, to transfer value to customers finally.”

general manager zhang said the platform of value-sharing meeting is first to share our valuable products with users, enabling them to better recognize the value of products of shemar, thus to lay a foundation for better creating value for the industry; second, many customers in the industry set an example for us in operation and management, and their arrival can provide good suggestions on our development, which benefit us greatly; finally, we have carried out innovation during the development around problems in the industry. the communication with customers this time can make us understand more industrial opportunities, thus to provide the direction for the future planning for products.

create value for employees, and become belonging for employees; create value for suppliers, and become win-win partner of suppliers; create value for customers, and become development support for customers; create value for industry, and become the engine for progress of industry; create value for society, and become the company identified by society. the purpose is always fundamental power and guarantee for the development of the enterprise. at the end of 2016, we expect our customers to gather in shemar for communications and joint development, and make positive contributions to the industry process.

scan 2d code below to get the information such as schedule and meeting place of this value-sharing meeting.

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