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shemar enters into 2017 china top innovative enterprise

release time:2017-04-28 publisher:eric zhu

on april 8, 2017, renmin university, a top-notch university in china, firstly announced the 2017 china top innovative enterprises. shemar was ranked among the list and entered into the top 1000.

2017 china top innovative enterprises were analyzed by renmin university after nearly one year of data collection and statistics calculation, which conducted all-aspects evaluation of the innovation capability of over 80000 high-tech enterprises.

technology innovation is always and will be the internal motive power for development and expansion of shemar. from dealing oil leakage of electric equipment to the pioneering technology of composite cross-arm tower in the world, shemar technology innovation pushes the huge development for the shemar innovation platform, innovation group and innovation investment. and as such, quantities of research results are calculated. up to now, shemar has totally got 184 authorized patents, which includes 46 invention patents and 6 international invention patents. at the beginning of 2017, shemar composite tower and composite cross-arm tower were verified by japan patent bureau and korea patent bureau and successfully authorized international invention patents. meanwhile, the united states and russia patent bureau will also authorize the patent in a short time. these awards once again proved shemar’s technical innovation capability. that’s one of the reasons why shemar can enter into top 1000.

in the near future, for the sake of better development, shemar has already put more large-scale innovation investment on the manufacturing parts and engineering service parts. the starting project of the key laboratories of national energy power composites in nantong and central research institute in shanghai fully proves shemar innovation.

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