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how scientific and technological achievements produce a big industry

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lu ban invented the weapon for carpenters through observation of small thorny leaves: “saw”. a “golden idea” may create a big career. many projects winning jiangsu science and technology progress award this time look like inconspicuous “little inventions” and “little creations”, but rich benefits are brought to enterprises after industrialization, which even become the “foothold” for enterprises in the market competition.

a “dark horse” intruding in electrical field

a “dark horse” intruded in electrical field, which has advanced freely and quickly for past ten years. seals developed by the company are domestic initiative, and composite hollow insulators fill in the blank in the international market, becoming the largest domestic manufacturing enterprise of composite hollow insulators and transmission and distribution rubber parts. this “dark horse” is jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd.. the company’s project of “composite hollow insulators for 40.5-550kv electrical equipment” won the third provincial scientific and technological progress prize this time.

 “become the most innovative integrated service provider of new-material power equipment become the national largest manufacturing enterprise of transmission and distribution seals”. based on this, shemar starts from seals and solves the industrial difficulty with innovation. the chairman ma bin of shemar invited zhang xiaorong, the former expert in materials research chongqing jianfeng chemical factory of ministry of nuclear industry from many aspects, and set up the research team.

the research team has broken away from convention, selected polyacrylate rubber with excellent ozone-resistant and aging-resistant performance as main material, and added the new ingredient. a large number of studies and experiments are carried out. after two years of careful research, the experiment has succeeded and passed the identification. subsequently, shemar provides free products for enterprises. now, thin, thick, long, round, square and special-shaped, numerous seals of shemar account for 70% of domestic power market shares, and the annual sales volume reaches over 30 million yuan.

since the 1990s, methods of liquid silicone rubber injection molding and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber casting forming are used abroad, to manufacture 110kv and above large composite hollow insulators, replacing for porcelain bushing. however, these two methods need high material costs and manufacturing costs, the electrical erosion resistant and aging-resistant effect is not obvious. shemar started to solve this international difficulty. during two years, shemar successively invested more than 20 million yuan, selecting new materials and configuring equipment, to develop a completely new composite hollow insulator through hundreds of experiments. this product has excellent explosion protection and damage resistance, as well as good foul-resistant, aging-resistant and electrical erosion resistant performance, which filled in the blank in manufacturing technology of composite hollow insulators at home and abroad, with comprehensive technical performance reaching the international advanced level, and the price is far less than the similar foreign product. it broke the situation that the hollow insulation product of uhv electrical power unit depends on the imports for a long time.

 “to become shemar in jiangsu, shemar in china, and even shemar in the world”, shemar set such ambition at the beginning of its founding. now, the innovation pace of shemar never stops. the company has determined and carried out research on two projects-high-voltage switch insulated tension pole and ehv transformer bushing depending on introduced projects. the company has made a plan that sales volume by 2010 should be certainly over 800,000,000 yuan, and market shares of various products rank the first in the world.

 “voice of china” rises in the market of color doppler ultrasound

the “full digital color doppler ultrasonic diagnosis system” is the project of yangzhou zhonghui group winning the third provincial scientific and technological progress prize this time. the full digital color doppler ultrasonic diagnosis system (hereinafter referred to as color doppler ultrasound), ct and nmr spectrometer are called three top-end medical devices in the world.

zhonghui group started with production of white-black b-mode ultrasound, and products are continuously upgraded after ten years of innovative development. by 2000, white-black b-mode ultrasound has formed the serialization. when zhonghui white-black b-mode ultrasound is popular in the market, more and more manufacturers start to enter b-mode ultrasound market. general manager ju xiaoping of the group has realized that effort must be made on technological innovation in order to get a firm foothold in the competition depending on continuous technical progress, thus to occupy the market, consolidate the market, and expand the market. thus, sights are set on the more advanced product-full digital color doppler ultrasonic diagnosis system.

in doubts of many people, ju xiaoping has made a firm choice. he has actively sought the technical cooperation with tsinghua university, shanghai jiaotong university and national ultrasonic testing center, invested 500000 usd in the introduction of color doppler imaging technique of france kangqiang company, drafted with the company’s digital ultrasonic technique, to carry out the integrated innovation. by technical research, zhonghui group has finally developed the first domestic openo380 full-digital color doppler ultrasound with completely independent intellectual property right. then, the company has developed 3d and 4d series color doppler ultrasound suitable for different clinical needs, and stood on top of the ultrasound technology in the world.

by clinical comparison of authoritative medical institutions in cities such as nanjing, zhonghui color doppler ultrasound can replace for the imports, and the performance is better than similar imported equipment from america and japan, while the price is only half. in the last year, the product won the market favor once launched, occupying one third of the domestic market. the emerging of zhonghui color doppler ultrasound promoted the price of imported equipment to largely reduced, which made zhonghui rank one of big three of domestic production industry of color doppler ultrasound.

 “at present, the company’s production technology level of color doppler ultrasound can reach the international advanced level, and owned its discourse power in the competition in the market at home and abroad with excellent cost performance.” ju xiaoping said proudly. by 2009, the annual production capacity of zhonghui color doppler ultrasound can reach 1200 pieces, and the domestic largest production base for full-digit color doppler ultrasound is established.

 “innovation is endless.” after successful development of diagnosis instrument color doppler ultrasound, ju xiaoping put the direction technological innovation to medical examination apparatus and therapeutic apparatus with extremely good market prospect. more than 30 million yuan is invested, to develop the international advanced medical equipment such as automatic biochemical analyzer, heart failure therapeutic equipment and tumor therapy equipment. among them, the automatic biochemical analyzer is expected to be launched within this year. the heart failure therapeutic equipment is expected to be launched in the second half of 2009. the development of the tumor therapy equipment is synchronous with similar products incanada.

telecom billing has the protector

with reconstruction and reform of telecom industry, telecom operators have successively established the telecom business support system to strengthen their own competitive strength. however, the general settlement system is the important “pillar” in the business support system, by which the split and settlement connected between other operators and cost accounting within the enterprise can be solved.

the “linkage general settlement system” developed by nanjing linkage technology co., ltd. is the “tailored” general settlement system for telecom operators, which provides accurate and flexible inter-network settlement, roaming settlement, partner settlement and settlement between business within operators. the system won the third provincial scientific and technological progress prize this time.

technical director zhang yougen of nanjing linkage technology co., ltd. said, “technical director zhang yougen of nanjing linkage technology co., ltd. said, “the domestic telecom market has formed the situation of interconnection and interworking, competition and cooperation at present. the associations on settlement business between telecom operators are increasingly frequent, to complete the settlement work, and call the birth of advanced general settlement system.”

nanjing linkage co., ltd. has seven years of course of settlement product, accumulating rich experience, and carrying out continuous product upgrading, which is in a leading position in the same industry. recently, the new launched linkage general settlement system is designed with a layered modular architecture, including data transmission, preprocessing, billing settlement, statistical analysis, data distribution, audit and verification, query service, data management, information management, system management and system interface. it can set up a unified comprehensive settlement platform for telecom enterprises, which has filled in the blank in the general settlement system of domestic version.

zhang yougen said this system comprehensively supports the settlement and repartition functions of business such as local call, long-distance call and internet, as well as accurate and flexible inter-network settlement, roaming settlement and settlement between business provided for telecom operators. at the same time, it carries out analysis and management of existing business operation and development situation of new business, to provide support of decision analysis for policymakers of operators, thus to finally enable operators to realize the competitiveness in the market.

in addition, “national intelligent network billing system” of nanjing linkage technology co., ltd. is used in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions all over the country. “mobile billing system” and “general settlement system” rank the first in domestic market. telecom operators such as china telecom, china netcom, china mobile, china unicom, and china mobile tietong benefit from such product.

published on www.yangtse.com on september 6, 2007

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