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jiangsu high-tech products give timely help for snow disaster in southern china

release time:2008-02-21 publisher:

the reporter learned from jiangsu technology department that in a large area of snow disaster of part areas in china before the spring festival, scientific and technological achievements in our province convert to independently innovated product supported by the fund, thus to strongly support the safe operation of china southern power grid.

 “hv and uhv composite hollow insulators” with international advanced level independently developed by jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. have replaced composite silicone rubber insulators for porcelain insulators. in this snow disaster, traditional porcelain insulators are damaged and cracked at different degrees. this product has tolerated the test of severe and cold environment without one accident. it is known that hunan province has decided to replace all insulator products with accident or hidden danger for products of our province.

the “real-time early warning and coordinated defense system for security and stability of power grid” independently developed by nari group corporation makes the response speed of power grid to deal with failure and disaster shortened from 3-5 minutes to 0.1 second as the initiative real-time early warning and coordinated defense system in the world. this system is successfully used in east china power grid and jiangsu power grid in disaster, to ensure the safe operation of power grid. at present, provinces in disaster such as hunan and guizhou decide to use this system.

published on jiangsu economic newspaper on february 20, 2008

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