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all is for the security of power grid

release time:2008-08-03 publisher:

the heavy snow cannot block the safe operation of jiangsu power artery. yesterday, approx. ten thousand workers in power industry in our province hold fast in the forefront of snow fighting and electricity conservation for 24h.

as of the last night when the reporter released the paper, main power grid of 110kv and above in the province operated safely and reliably, and full line in jiangsu section of electrified railway operated normally. affected by tree-line conflicts and traffic accidents, the damaged distribution network system and low-voltage power failure are handled in time, to strongly guarantee the production stability and peaceful life of the masses in the province.

 “all is for the security of power grid!” when the first snow is coming, general manager fei shengyin of jiangsu electric power company announced this regulation to the entire industry. all is for the safe operation of power artery.

in the blizzard, 500kv power lines operating in the field are most easily damaged. in 1712km transmission lines that the operation and maintenance center of 500kv transmission and distribution of jiangsu electric power company is responsible for, 500kv yanghuai line is power artery of north-south electricity transmission inchinafrom shanxi province, and 500kv longzheng line is the important power channel from three gorges to jiangsu. the large span of 500kv jiangyin yangtze river is the important channel crossing the river for north-south electricity transmission in jiangsu. the line is the important power channel of jiangsu power grid, and an integral part of state grid corporation ofchinaand east china power grid. the consequences are unthinkable once there is an accident.

under the unified deployment of jiangsu electric power company, the power system in the province has rapidly established four teams: repair team, duty team, logistics support team, and standby team. jiangsu power transmission and distribution company has set up three stations-areas south of the yangtze river and areas north of the yangtze river and nanjing. all repair personnel and materials are in place, and repair emergency plan for power grid in bad weather is comprehensively started. for important facilities of power artery such as outlet line and 500kv river-crossing transmission lines of yangcheng power plant, special patrol and patrol at night are strengthened. at the same time, the safe management such as construction, maintenance, operation and transport is strengthened, to ensure there is no personal injury and personal responsibility accident.

in order to protect the security of power grid, the advanced technology plays an important role. yesterday, when the reporter saw chief engineer xue yusheng academician of nari group corporation, he was just back from the scheduling field of jiangsu power grid. the academician xue said, “the wide area measurement analysis, protection and control system for the extra large power grid independently developed by nari group corporation plays an important role in security guarantee of jiangsu power grid to defend against the impact of snow disaster.”

the academician xue told the reporter that in order to solve the public world difficulty of “blackout”, as the first batch of transformation projects of scientific and technological achievements organized and implemented by jiangsu technology department, nari group corporation and jiangsu electric power company jointly start this project. for several years of exploration, the first batch of blackout defense systems for power grid in the world have been established and successfully operated, which has a great significance to the solution for such problems of international power grid.

after the achievements are used in jiangsu power grid, jiangsu power grid has realized the self-adaption closed-loop emergency coordinated control the first time internationally. especially in large natural disasters such as this snow disaster never happening for many years, once the power grid has failure, the system can successfully realize capture, make correct judgment, and carry out early-warning and processing, to avoid the power blackout.

at the same time, hv composite hollow insulators developed by jiangsu shemar electric co., ltd. have contributed a lot to guarantee of safe operation of power grid in this sudden large-scale snow disaster. in order to solve the major hidden danger of security in power industry inchina-the explosion and pollution flashover trip-out accident of power station equipment, and fundamentally guarantee the security of uhv power career inchina, the company has implemented the major transformation project of scientific and technological achievements organized by jiangsu technology department, and successfully realized the industrialization.

published on xinhua daily on february 2, 2008

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