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led by innovation, jiangsu shemar grows rapidly in power industry

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on april 12, a piece of exciting new came from northwest china: the national major project “750kv channel no.2 transmission and distribution project connecting xinjiang with main grid in northwest china” will generate the first new all-composite substation of external insulation in the world, in which a section of the line is specially divided for trial application of new composite power transmission tower, to replace for the traditional steel power transmission tower.

these two items are core technologies and products causing the global reform on external insulation of power transmission, and they are from jiangsu shemar electric co. ltd. located in rugao. the chairman ma bin told the reporter cheerfully that shemar has developed to the global leading enterprise engaged in hollow, post, and line all series composite insulators depending on independent since the founding for only 16 years.

this magic horse in the village of middle jiangsu, why is it magic?

innovation: “do what you want to do largest”

who could ever dream of “shemar” in china surprising the global transmission and distribution industry even with every act and every move starting from several workshops in awful conditions, and its founder is a worker only with middle school education?

in 1996, ma bin, a salesman in a rubber factory in wuxi, found ozone-resistant and aging-resistant performance of small seals are not ideal, causing oil leakage and spill of power station equipment, which causes several hundreds of millions of losses to the country, and seriously affects the power security.

 “do what you want to do largest!” by the spirit that young people are fearless, ma bin resolutely returned to his hometown rugao to start a business. he put up a sign of “become the largest domestic manufacturing enterprise of transmission and distribution seals” in front of several rented poor workshops to encourage himself to make effort.

ma bin felt an unexpected difficulty in entrepreneurship. he asked for advice everywhere, but the answer is, “the oil leakage and spill in transformer seals is a world-class difficulty, how can a newly founded factory solve it?” the inner determination was not discouraged. after hard research for two years, polyacrylate rubber parts independently developed by shemar have achieved “no leakage” by more than 1000 tests.

small factory has solved the difficult problem, and orders pour in. “shemar” has made every effort. the sales scale of the enterprise increases by over 50% every year, and steadily occupied over 80% of domestic market of power seals last year. the corporate assets have increased from original 300,000 yuan to today’s 500 million yuan. more than 1000 transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers in the world have actively shown their cooperation intentions, and power equipment giants in the world at present such as abb, siemens and alstom have reached long-term strategic partnership with shemar.

 “several hundreds of millions of battlefield is too small to accommodate today’s ‘shemar’.” ma bin told to the reporter that after expansion for three times, the enterprise is building the modern shemar electric industrial park with 750mu of planned land, which is expected to achieve a 10-billion level enterprise in 2016.

innovation: “do what is the most difficult”

 “the bottleneck in the external insulation of ehv project is not a problem. the domestic enterprise can undertake it and even better than the foreign enterprise, and ‘shemar’ can just solve it.” at the special meeting of national major project “ehv power grid” of state council during “the eleventh five-year plan”, a senior expert in electric power guaranteed to the premier, and his confidence was from composite hollow insulators developed by shemar, which are walking on the forefront of international market.

 “chinese must have the discourse power in this field. do what is the most difficult!” ma bin has led his shemar team to challenge the technical difficulty not solved by the west for a decade of studies, and soon succeeded.

on june 19, 2007, national top experts in insulator industry gathered to identify “ehv ±800kv composite post insulators” developed by shemar. a conclusion was drawn that the first ehv ±800kv composite post insulator in the world was born inchina!this technology directly supported the construction of the national major project-ehv power grid during “the eleventh five-year plan”, and further built the “top” position of shemar in global industry of external insulation of high-voltage transmission equipment.

from a full range of ac and dc hollow composite insulators to post composite insulators, and from composite electrical bushing to composite power transmission tower, since the establishment of shemar, its footsteps of independent innovation never stop. one after another world-class difficulties have been solved by shemar inchina. various completely new products filling in the blank in the international and domestic technology have been successively launched, shemar has not only got 65 domestic authorized patents, but also got invention patents authorized by theunited statesandjapan, which has become the main drafter of national standard for these products. as the authority in international transmission and distribution insulator industry, mr. torre sighed after investigating shemar, “you should stop development, otherwise, it will be too bad for other enterprises in this industry.”

innovation: “do what you want to do best”

at the corner of insulator manufacturing base of shemar, over 10m high 1100kv hollow composite insulators are standing silently.

looking simple outside, it has a story in fact. southeast shanxi-nanyang-jingmen ehv ac experimental demonstration project is the important energy transportation channel from south to north inchina, and state grid corporation ofchinacan only purchase insulators needed in the project from japanese enterprises. not convinced, ma bin has led the team to make the product. after test, its technical indexes are far better than japanese product, while the 680,000 yuan of the unit price is far less than 10 million yuan quoted by japanese enterprise - shemar has leaped gently to cross the monopoly barrier of japanese enterprises.

talking with the reporter here, ma bin said directly, “do what you want to do best!”

when composite insulators almost cover the global market, ma bin started to focus on the development of the composite power transmission tower. “the traditional steel power transmission tower has very large base, and large area of line corridor; in addition, if the wind is larger, the insulator hung on it will sway, easy to cause trip-out. after icing, the power tower will dump. the composite power transmission tower developed by us is revolutionary replacement of new insulation materials for steel, to realize safer performance and advantageous cost. globally, there is 100 billion yuan of market demand every year!”

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